CHRISTINA ERIKA FORSGREN 26 Apr. 1820-21 Feb. 1906

Alice Mariah Forsgren Eliason Hatch - Christina Erika's grand niece - said of Erika: "Aunt Reeky we called her. She became Grandpa Davis' second wife. She was the kindest, sweetest old lady in the world." And so this portrait of her seems to testify. I regret that I neither have, no know of, any other existing photo of her. We know very little detail of her life, but such as I know I will post to this blog, hoping that other descendants will be able to contribute information and impressions that I don't currently have in the Forsgren Family Association archives.

Please be patient as I continue to add information to this blog. The blogs for her brothers John Erik and Peter Adolph have so far consumed more of my time. John Erik was more colorful; Peter Adolph was more prolific....and I have not had as much dialogue with Erika's descendants.... but that said, please enjoy what is available now and feel free to contact me and contribute!

Adele Manwaring Austin,
Archivist of the Forsgren Family Assn., October, 2010


Friday, July 12, 2013


     In June of 2013 I spent several hours with Clara May Forsgren Reeves, a great great granddaughter of Peter Adolph Forsgren.  She handed me the following account of the return of John Erik Forsgren to Sweden and of the baptism of his siblings and his father.  The history is only "new" in the sense that I have never seen it before.  It has now become my favorite account, simply because it contains a few details about the family's life in Sweden that are not included in subsequent, oft-repeated versions of this famous story.  It clarifies some things about the father, Johan Olaf, and adds some details about Christina's struggle to come to grips with her own conversion.  It talks about their occupations and trades.   The story is a translation  (and thus reads a little awkwardly in some places).  It was printed in 1884 in the Danish version of "The Morning Star" which was under the charge of Andrew Jenson.   I do not know if it was Andrew Jenson himself who wrote the historical sketch or if it was someone else.  I only note that it is the account written most closely to the actual event date I have yet seen!

Below is a photocopy of the title page of an 1884 edition available at the BYU Harold B. Lee Library

Here follows the translated story


This history was translated by Mona Jardine from the "Morgenstjernen---Et historisk-borgrafisk Tidsskrift.  Redigeret og udgivet af Andrew Jenson---1884." 
(See online: for a sample of a volume that is in the BYU library.   This is the “Morning Star; a Historical-Biographical Journal" – Danish version. Edited by Andrew Jenson)  Some changes or comments have been made in italics by Adele Austin as I retyped the version given to me by Clara Forsgren Reeves in June of 2013.  I have also taken the liberty of adding some paragraph breaks for readability] 

The First Saints in Sweden

            Peter Adolf Forsgren, a son of Johan Olaf and Christina Forsgren was born 26 July 1826 in Gefle, Sweden.  His mother died in 1832, when he was about six years old and since the father was a sailor and was seldom home, strangers mainly raised the children and Peter got a poor education.  When he was ten years old he began to work at a linen fabric [factory?] in Gefle, where he worked for almost 5 years.  Then he got a job on [in] a canvas factory where he worked as a foreman when his brother John in the summer of 1850 came to the country as a missionary from America to preach the gospel.
            John had twenty years earlier left home as a sailor and even though his family was overjoyed over his return, they were surprised that he came back as a preacher.  He had in his travels met with the Latter Day Saints in America where he was baptized and then went to Nauvoo.  Now, in addition to everything, he was along with Erastus Snow and two other brethren come back to start a mission in his homeland.  He star[t]ed right away to preach to his family and others and it wasn’t long before he was known as a false prophet that had come from America to deceive people[.] 
            His brother Peter was influenced by his brother’s circular [circulating?] rumors and was scared away for a while even though he knew the Gospel that his brother preached was true.  While he thus staggered and didn’t know whether he should be baptized or not, one day while he stood by a loom he was suddenly attacked by terrible pain and cramps in his stomach and was totally helpless.  His lungs were next attacked to the point where all that saw and heard him decided that he couldn’t possibly live.  In this lifeless condition, he was carried to his brother John, who had rented an apartment in Staden.  He practiced great faith in God in behave [behalf] of his dying brother and in a miraculous manner, with ointment (oil) and prayer he soon was strong enough to go to work in a Swedish mill. 
            By [In] the harbor outside the city [he was] there baptized for forgiveness of his sins.  This happen[ed] July 19, 1850.  Peter Adolf was also the first to be baptized by divine authority in [all] the Scandinavian Countries.  It was more than three weeks later that Erastus Snow baptized the first twelve people in Kobenhavn.  That same night he received the laying on of hands.  This mode of baptism soon became well known.  Peter Forsgren soon became the object of people’s conversation, the object of curiosity and people’s feelings was [were] that he was insane, that someone with good sense could let someone baptize him by immersion in our day.
            Among his strongest opposition was his sister Erikka, who was later also baptized.  When his brother was arrested and Peter was brought in for questioning to give his testimony in regards to his health because there was much talk against John E. Forsgren, because there was also talk about him having healed the sick.[,] Peter freely bore witness that he had been healed by the power of God by his brother’s laying on of hands.  There was a doctor, whose name was Nordbald [who] was encouraged to examine him, which he did with the help of instruments – and announced that he was well. 
            Peter continued to bear witness about the truthfulness of the Gospel to many [,] especially to the people who worked in the factory.  But it was against the law to preach, so he showed them the scriptures so they could read for themselves.  He soon made friends.
            In the meantime his dad came from America to look for his son John, back from his tour and in the summer of 1851, traveled to Kobenhavn, where he was soon baptized.  Then he traveled back to Gefle and there was happiness in the family.
            None other than Forsgren and his sister, along with two others was [were] baptized there in the district until Elder Mikael Johnson in 1852 came as a missionary from Denmark.  He baptized an elderly woman and a couple of others in Helsingland, where he was born.  But when Brother Johnson after a short time was deported and sent to Malmo in chains, the preaching of the gospel was stopped in that part of the country.
            It is reserved Skaane and the other southern providences of Sweden to be “the cradle” for Sweden’s concerns and not before more years there after the missionaries could have footings in the northern provinces.  In September 1852, Peter Adolf and his sister Erikka left their birthplace and traveled to Kobenhavn, where they immigrated to Utah in the John E. Forsgren Company.
            Peter settled in Brigham City, where he lives as one respectable and trustworthy man.  He works as first counselor to the Bishop in the First Ward plus other important callings.
            Christina Erikka Forsgren was born April 26, 1820 in Gefle, Sweden.  When she was ten years old she began to work for strangers and when her brother John came back in 1850, she was working for a grocer in Gefle.  She was very surprised to see him, because everyone thought he was dead since nobody had heard from.  Some of the first things he told his sister was that he was sent from God to save his family and relatives and that he had forgotten that his mother had asked of him on her death bed that he should see to it that his younger brothers and sisters wouldn’t fall into transgression.  Now he came to keep his promise.
            The happiness to see her brother after so many years was hard to describe, but she had in a strange way been prepared for his coming.  In January 1850 or about six months before his coming, she was sitting in church [and] she was influenced by an earnest concern with her soul’s salvation and the minute the preacher entered the pulpit she was overcome with a strange feeling, a kind of weakness that started in her head and went clear through her body, clear to her feet.  Her bodily strength left her completely and she was carried away in a vision where she three times saw a big black dog, which she thought should be the devil and this made her decide that never again would she go to the Lutheran Church.  Then she heard a voice that said the present church was wrong, but on June 26th there should come a man with three books and all who wanted to be saved must believe the gospel he preached.  The voice also said that everyone who was saved must travel far away over the ocean.  It was not until they sang the last song in church that her strength came back.
            When the mentioned time arrived, the people in the area knew right away that he was the man and that the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants that he brought with him were the three books she had seen in the vision.  In spite of everything she still resisted for a while, but it wasn’t long before, after several conversations with her brother, that she was completely pierced with happiness and contentment that she wanted to completely turn to the Lord and her brother’s hands, plus show obedience to the gospel.  So on the fourth of August she was baptized.  In the very minute her brother let her down in the water, she saw a bright light that filled her soul with indescribable happiness.  That same evening when she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost her eyes were opened and she understood the principals of the Gospel clear and plain and when she read the Holy Scriptures it was like something whispered in her ears and explained the scriptures to her.
            After Mikael Johnson’s arrival she was invited to come talk to the Dean, who would try to [convince her to leave] “Mormonism”.  To embarrass and humiliate her, she was taken between two police officers to the Dean’s residence.  Here she gave cheerful answers and bore a strong testimony to the Dean and to those that were present, and the results of it was that the Dean who thought he could change her mind about Mormonism, was shamed by her and was glad when she finally went away.
            When her dad, during the harvest in 1852, was in Kobenhavn, John told him about polygamy which was practiced among the Saints in Zion[.]  After he came home he told his daughter about it.  She had at that time made the decision that she would never marry and[,] having a disgusted attitude towards matrimony, it was therefore hard for her to understand about Celestial marriage.  The following night she laid awake wondering about the new religion and the following day she could think of nothing else[.]  But that evening before she went to bed, she prayed sincerely to the Lord to manifest to her that the doctrine was from him.  While she was on her knees, she saw two persons in long white robes standing in form of white clouds in front of her[.]  One was a woman [,] the other seemed to be an older man with a bald head.  In the same minute she heard a voice that told her that the older person was to be her future husband.  She jumped up and walked back in the room, whereupon the woman form walked right by and seemed to disappear into the next room, while the man form came nearer and nearer to her until a maid opened the door and the vision disappeared.  She was thus left to think about the strange thing that she had just seen and the thought that she[,] a moral and virtuous girl[,] should some day marry a man who already had a wife was disgusting to her.  But [she] now came to the conclusion that polygamy was right.  After she arrived in Utah in 1853 the vision she had came true because she became the second wife to an elderly man with whom she lives as faithful member of the church in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah.  Sister Erikka was the first woman to join the gospel in Scandinavia in this dispensation.

            After the dad Johan Olaf Forsgren had been baptized in Kobenhavn on the twenty-ninth of August, he traveled back to Gefle in the hope he could bring some of his relatives into the gospel, but he was not successful because of his persecutors, so he went to sea and sailed different oceans for several years, then he taught school in the winter.  In 1863 he immigrated to Utah with help from his children and lived with his son Peter in Brigham City until he died in February, 1880.  He was born the seventeenth of October 1793 in Gefle, Sweden and started his sailor life at a young age.  Three of his four children accepted the gospel.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


With the advent of the Church's new FamilySearch Family Tree the world has gained a great gift!

  • For the first time EVER there is finally the possibility of there being ONE single site on the internet where everyone can see his ancestors and how they interconnect with all of humanity (instead of going to multiple websites to see what different people have uploaded as their personal version of an ancestral line).   
  • Researchers who have access to original documents can help solve (for all of us) the discrepancies created by information "assumed" because of family tradition, or created because source information conflicts. We, all of us (the whole world), can collaborate & communicate and work together to have accurate records.    

     The potential and power of this is enormous!

     The website and Family Tree, is, of course, still undergoing changes and constant improvements.   The latest achievement is that now the capability is there to upload photos and life histories to attach to individuals on the Tree.  The capability to upload scanned copies of original documents for proving facts and for helping solve conflicting evidence will also soon be available.

     As I have become more and more familiar with Family Tree I applaud its vision.  I know great computer minds will continue to solve its problems and weaknesses (especially from feedback from us, its users, about what we don't feel is working well).

     I just returned from another genealogy conference.  As I listened to representatives from FamilySearch discuss the changes, the weaknesses, & the vision for the future of Family Tree, I suddenly thought to myself:  "Oh, no!  Then if everyone can upload photos and documents and life histories to THAT site, then all of the work I have been doing for the last three years on the three Forsgren blogs is wasted!"

     I have since tamed my reaction.  After all - the whole purpose of these blogs is to "get the information out there!"   Why should I, as Family Archivist, squirrel away all the photos and documents and research here in my home when we are in such an incredible age of information sharing??   That is also one of the missions of Family Tree.  But every document and every photo and every life sketch is not going to make its way onto their site,  for any number of reasons.  For instance, if a date is an undisputed fact people may not feel there needs to be a document ("proof") attached to it.  Secondly, there are WAY more photos in the world of people than ever should be or will need to be uploaded, etc. etc.  I love old photos.  I want to see them all.  But that is not appropriate for a site like Family Tree.  We can put as many on the Forsgren blogs as we can find!

    But the most convincing argument for keeping the blog up and running is that the blog itself can be a source and be linked to research questions on Family Tree.  Very lengthy research and analyzing has gone into solving various research problems on each of the blogs (for instance the research on all the wives of John Erik Forsgren).  Therefore, it is much easier to refer people to the blog (as a source quotation) so they can read the history of that research themselves.  This seems better than our trying to duplicate the data on Family Tree where the format will be much less wieldy and informative.

     Soooooo, my fellow Forsgrens.  For now the blogs are safe.  I will continue to work on them.  I will continue to note where we are weak on our data.  I will continue to hope that by getting comments "out there" through both the blog AND FamilySearch Family Tree I will in turn hear from more and more descendants who can flesh out the pages of our descendants.

     Some day I will be unable to continue the work.  I will age (mmm, that's already happening!) or I will die or the continued improvement of public sharing will become so sophisticated that the usefulness of the blog will have run its course.  Gratefully I have received warm and supportive comments from many of you out there who have "found" us on Google or some other search medium.  You have taken the time to express appreciation and you have opened the doors to gathering & greater sharing. It is always such a thrill for me to meet new cousins, receive new photos and clarify data.   That is what fuels my family history persistence!

     For several years now I have seen that new.familysearch (which is what is now being merged into FamilySearch Family Tree) is in all likelihood the fulfillment of the following prophectic statement made over 66 years ago:

     “A universal system of intelligent cooperation will begin to gather on one record sheet every fact in     existence regarding a particular family. This wealth of data will insure accuracy and banish error. Expensive and time-consuming duplication in research and repetitions in ordinances will be eliminated. No sooner will a new fact be uncovered in any part of the world by a researcher than it will be communicated to the Archives center and be assigned to its proper place on some family record.”

                                                           Archibald F. Bennett, Secretary, Genealogical Society of Utah, 

                                                           Church NewsDecember 20, 1947, p.20

He had the vision, indeed.  Only we are no longer using "record sheets" in the sense we previously thought of them - pieces of paper, Family Group Records and Pedigree Charts, etc.  We are in a computer age that is magnificent and inspired.   Thousands of volunteers are daily indexing the vast record collection of the Church's digital and microfilmed record collection.  The capability to "communicate to the Archives Center" in an instant is fulfilled.

Almost exactly thirty years years later Elder Theodore Burton was equally prescient and commented further:

         I don’t think the present type of individual records is the type of record conforming to the “generations of Adam” spoken of in the scriptures.  There is no welding together of generations in that type of temple record and I seriously doubt that such a record would be regarded as an offering “worthy of all acceptation.”

          Up to the present we have not been able to put such a family record of ordinances together.  We have lacked both the technique and the equipment to accomplish so great a task.  Now, however, technology has developed to such a state of the art that the building of just such a family record has become theoretically possible.  To prepare such a record will require further study and research.  We now need to begin to devote time, money, and effort into learning how to construct such a genealogical record of Church families sealed together in proper order by generations.
                                       Elder Theodore Burton, October 11, 1976, "Long-Range Goals for Genealogy"

What Heavenly Father wants is ONE - and only one - "Book of Remembrance" laid at his feet.  He wants the record of the whole human family, connected & linked together.   We are no longer "waiting for the Millenium" to achieve this great linking and redemptive work.   We are there now, watching this miracle unfold before our very eyes!

May we go forth with joy, unafraid to try new things and be willing to accept the learning curve which comes every time something that is familiar is replaced with something that is different.   Engage the help of the young, for whom all this technology is second nature.  This effort will bless both your life and theirs!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


     Saturday, August 11, 2012 found us gathered at the LDS Meeting House at 25 North 300 East in Brigham City.  We were pleased to welcome about 70 people, many of whom came for the first time to the biannual Forsgren Family Reunion.  Here are some highlights:

Our Guest of Honor:
Erma Vilate Funk Walsh - Peter Adolph Forsgren's oldest living descendant!

     What an honor it was to have Erma with us.  Still smiling, happy and vibrant at age 99!   (She will turn 100 years old in December.)   Erma is Peter A's great granddaughter through his first child Sarah Christine Forsgren Klem Christensen.  Sarah's oldest child was Lorinda Klem who married Andrew George Funk.  Eight children were born to them.  Erma was the baby, born after Andrew's return to his family from his mission to Denmark.  Erma was brought to the reunion by her daughter Andrea and grandson John.  

     But not to be left out is LeJune Forsgren Maughan, Peter's granddaughter through his last child, Elias Peter Forsgren (born to Peter's second wife Elise Thomassen).  LeJune Forsgran Maughan is 91 years old.  Her health did not allow her to actually be with us but her daughter came (pictured below) to represent the family and also brought with her a box of letters & documents that belonged to Peter Adolph.   Many Peter Adolph artifacts are still the possession of these great grandchildren:  Chairs, animals, boxes, etc. that he carved, as well as many silk products made by his wife Elise.  [See blog posts of Aug 9, 2010 & May 5, 2010] The gold headed cane which is referred to in the May 2010 post was donated to the DUP museum in Salt Lake City where it can be viewed by all.

LeJune Forsgren Maughan with daughter LeAnna & son-in-law Jay

     We wish both these ladies many more wonderful years of life and are glad to honor them at this time!

The "Forsgren Scrolls" were once again rolled out (even though they had not been updated since 2010).  If I literally knew of every descendant there would be no room for re-uning!  The scrolls would take up 4 times as much space.  For some families we are still not current by at least 3 generations.   I encourage you to get in touch with me to see how complete our records are, since tracking all the descendants of the three Forsgren siblings is part of the mission of the Association! 

Richard and Maxine Knight searching for themselves on the descendant scrolls

We were excited to have Christina Erika's descendants represented this year (since we almost never have in the past).   Fay Hubbard Nilsson (left in the photo below with some of her extended family) is also 91 years of age and full of zip and fun!  (I hope I can still be that way when I reach her age)!   (Dorthy) Fay is the daughter of Elfy Almira Davis Hubbard, who is the daughter of Oliver Frederick Davis, who was Erika's 2nd son.

Fay's granddaughter, Heather Lewis, will act officially as the Forsgren Family Association Secretary for the next couple of years.  I am happily relinquishing that title in order to spend more time as association Archivist.  Heather brings a wonderful sense of family to the organization.   Sooooo glad to have you on board, Heather!  

Heather Lewis - Chr. Erika descendant, new Fors. Fam. Assn. Secretary

The biggest surprise & disappointment is that this is the first year we had NO representation from any of John Erik Forsgren's descendants!  Usually there is a good crowd from that branch of the family. 

Summary of Minutes of the 2012 John Olaf Forsgren Family Reunion
August 11, 2012

Opened at 12:00 p.m., Prayer and blessing on the food by Morris Forsgren

Welcome and announcement of some people who needed honoring:
     Frank Forsgren - who passed away in Dec. of 2011 who had been a prominent and consistent attender and arranger of these reunions and past president several times.
     Clyde Forsgren - Also a frequent attender and supporter.  He and his wife are both quite ill in Colorado.  His wife Janet is being brought to Utah to stay with her daughter to have care.
     Erma Funk Walsh - Honored guest.  The oldest living descendant of Peter Adolph Forsgren.  Age 99.  (See photos and comments above)
     LeJune Forsgren Maughan - Not in attendance because of health.  Age 91.  Peter's youngest living grandchild.
     Laurie Bryant - Not in attendance and not a Forsgren, but the researcher who compiled a new biographical paper on John Erick Forsgren who was responsible for helping to solve the mysteries of two of John's wives - Mary Ann Hunt and the one heretofore known only as Ingeborg.  [See the John Erick blog sidebar "Labels" for more information: ].
Laurie and I worked closely while she finished her paper on John E.  The paper was donated to the Utah State Archives.  She is an invaluable friend to the Forsgrens.

Change of Command:  The current presidency has been intact for 3 terms.  This was the year we decided to seek a concensus on the future of the Assn. as it has been over dozens of years:  A gathering of the umbrella organization every two years on the even years, leaving the odd numbered years for people to have smaller family reunions on the odd years.   
     The problem we now face are the changes inherent in a mobile society and an electronic age.   People move much more frequently & they change e-mails fairly frequently so maintaining an accurate mailing/contact list is very difficult.  It is now very expensive to send out a reunion notice thru regular mail only to get 1/3 of them back.  The wave of the future is to use online sources as much as possible to do research...

     I (Adele) asked if we still wanted to try to keep up the bi-annual reunions.  Most of the "old-timers" who organized it are gone now.  Is there still interest in getting together every two years?   Heather Lewis shared a moving story of a family member who was brought back from depression because she immersed herself into learning about her ancestors.   She was inspired by them and their stories and consequently learned to have more love of self.   Long story short:   We will keep going.    Accepting the positions for the new leadership are the following:

     Mark Forsgren, President
     Gillian (Jill) Forsgren (Mark's wife), vice president  (Mark & Jill e-mail: )  Mark will maintain the John Olaf Forsgren Association funds so donations to the Association can be sent to him.   Adele will be changing the monies that have been kept in Las Vegas so that there will only be one account - the one maintained in Brigham City.
     Heather R Lewis, Secretary   (e-mail:  Please send address & e-mail changes to Heather who will be in charge of reunion notifications & keeping the address list current.
     Adele Austin will continue as archivist/blogger (e-mail: )   Please send updates on family member's births, marriages & deaths, photos, family histories, obituaries, etc. etc. to Adele)

Many thanks to the persistent hard work of the outgoing Presidency:  Lester Knight, President, Morris Forsgren, Vice-President, and Adele Austin, Secretary/Archivist.

Financial Report:  $ 315 was taken in at the reunion toward research goals and organization costs.   Thank you all so much.   Every dollar counts!

Achievements since the 2010 reunion: 
  • John Erik Forsgren's membership and temple blessings have been restored.  A letter drafted under the signatures of Judd Forsgren (a JEF descendant) and Adele Austin, Assn. Secretary, was sent to the First Presidency requesting their consideration of JEF's membership status.   They quickly replied that permission was being granted to have the work done and that it would be accomplished by a member of the 1st presidency in the Salt Lake Temple.   We were advised in Nov. of 2011 that the work had been completed with full membership and all former blessings restored to John E.    That was a very emotional and happy event.
  • Mary Ann Hunt's identity and history was uncovered.  [For the full story, photos and details see the blog post on the John E. Forsgren blog].  Mary Ann was JEF's first wife, sealed to him in Nauvoo, by whom he had a son.  When that son - Charles - died it has always been said that Mary Ann "left in the company of another man and returned to her people in Boston."      That is true....just not true enough.   What actually happened was that she came West to Utah in time to meet JEF who was returning from the Mormon Battalion.  For some reason their sealing was cancelled and JEF went on to marry Sarah Bell Davis (through whom his only descendants are born).  Mary Ann stayed in the S.L. area for a while, purportedly marrying Lafayette Granger, then left with Charles Snow and moved to the Sacramento area of California.   Charles's livery stable was burned out in the big Sacramento fire.  Sometime after that Mary Ann and Charles have ended up in New Hampshire.   After her death to pneumonia Charles remains in Concord, Massachusetts where they are both buried in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery there.   Great thanks go to the impecable skills of researcher Laurie Bryant for uncovering most of the details of this story.  Adele was able to help with some aspects and was blessed to see the story to its conclusion with a visit to Concord to photograph their graves. 
Next Research Goal: 
     We want to begin actively seeking more information on another Forsgren brother, Carl Frederik who did NOT join the Church and settle in Utah with his siblings. There have been family stories passed down through the generations that Carl did come to America and visit his family in Utah but did not stay. Some say he migrated to the Northwest, others say he settled and married in the Wisconsin/Michigan area. Other stories say he returned to Sweden and died there. (I have been unable to prove any of these theories). It is time to hire a Swedish-speaking researcher to help us out. Donations were accepted at the reunion for this endeavor. If anyone else out there wishes to donate please feel free to contact me!
The Genealogy Corner:  A series of handouts were available for those who were interested to answer questions about how each of YOU can help at this stage of your life.  Even if the computer age is baffling there is so much that can be done, only by you, in order to benefit your posterity and your fellow Forsgren descendants.    Adele will be posting to each blog a "Genealogy Corner" where those handouts will be available to anyone who wishes to use them.  [I only ask that if you copy them for use in your wards or among family that you acknowledge who created them]

Thank you to Micah Forsgren (Mark & Jill's son-in-law) who provided extraordinary technical fetes to allow us enough computer time to show people what the blogs were looking like so they would be more excited to visit them.

Thank you to all who brought food to share for our pot-luck as well as display materials and wonderful stories of ancestors.  As always, Morris Forsgren's homemade root beer was a hit!

The reunion was closed officially about 3:30 p.m. with a closing prayer offered by David J. Lee.   Afterwards Mark and Jill led several groups of people over to the old Peter A. Forsgren home at 59 S. 100 E. and gave a tour.  The home has been beautifully restored.

See you all again in 2014!!!

Here are a few more random photos to round out the report:
Mark Forsgren (Your new Assn. president) - Son of Frank Forsgren

Enjoying the displays and making Adele laugh

All set up and ready for the crowds to come

Plenty of good food and conversation

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Abraham Peter Davis, born 2 November 1855, Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah, USA;  died 8 January 1907 in Union, Union Co., Oregon and was buried in the Union Victorian Cemetery on 11 Jan 1907;  He married Charlotte Van Noy on 26 Feb 1880 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.  Abraham Peter and Charlotte were the parents of 13 children.  There is tragedy for the children of this family since they lost both parents at very young ages.  A.P. died at age 52, just two years after the death of his wife at age 41.   That left several children of very young ages to be cared for by neighbors and various older brothers and sisters. 
       I have NO photo of either Abraham Peter Davis or of Charlotte Van Noy.   Can any descendent help fill that gap for us????  I would also like some biographical sketch outlining what may have become of the family members after the death of their parents. As I worked on this blog I felt a sense of incompleteness because we don't have enough knowledge of Abraham Peter and Charlotte.  References have been made to him that are not particularly flattering - that he was a strict and sometimes cruel parent and that he didn't do much to keep the family financially stable.  But no person is all bad any more than he is all good.  So I would welcome remembrances of all sorts.   And what about Charlotte?  What kind of a mother was she?  To have spent most of your life either pregnant or caring for small babies has to count for a lot!  I hope that some descendants can shed light on these two people.

CENSUS: 1900 Census of Edmund, Fremont, Idaho (Market Lake Precints),
Davis, Abraham P, head, male, age 46, born Nov 1853, Utah, Father born Pa, mother born Sweden
Davis, Charlotte V, wife, age 35, born Dec 1864, md. 20 years, mother of 11 children, 11 still living, born Utah
Davis, William A, son, age 18, born June 1881, single
Davis, Agnes C, daur, age 17, born Jan 1883, single
Davis, James L, son, age 15, born Aug 1884, single
Davis, Electa E, daur, age 13, born Idaho, born Jun 1886, single
Davis, Ada, daur, age 12, born May 1888, single
Davis, Camilla, daur, age 10, born Apr 1890, single
Davis, Hosea V, son, age 7, born Dec 1892, single
Davis, Harold, son, age 6, born Apr 1894, single
Daivs, Leslie B, son age 3, , born July 1896, single. born Idaho
Davis, Nathan V, son age 2, born Apr 1898, born Idaho
Davis, Evaline V, daur, age 0/12, born May 1900, born Idaho [the census was taken 2 June 1900]

Notes from LDS Church Chronology - from notations for the year 1879
October, 20th Monday - The Saints who had settled on Bear river, northeast of Preston, Oneida Co., Idaho, were organized as the Riverdale branch of the Church; Abraham Peter Davis, president

DEATH: Obituary Deseret Evening News, Monday, January 14 1907 p.3
"UNION, OREGON - Death of A.P. Davis - Esteemed Citizen Succumbs to Attack of Blood Poisoning.
Special Correspondence. Union, Or., Jan. 9 -
Abraham P. Davis died last night after intense suffering for four days from blood poisoning.
Mr. Davis leaves a family of 10 children ranging from 9 to 26 years of age, who have the sympathy of the entire neighborhood. His wife died two years ago, which makes the case a very sad one. He was an industrious and esteemed citizen and a faithful Church worker, ever ready to respond to every call of duty."
"Obituaries Vital Records Union County, Oregon 1890-1930" p. 110 979.57 V4l at LeGrande, Oregon Stake Family History Center [bound sheets of xerox copies of Obits.} The following was hand copied by Adele Austin 8/23/05.

A.P. Davis, age 50, died in Union Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock, of blood poisoning, resulting from a pin scratch on the forehead. He has been ill but a short time. The funeral took place Friday. Mr. Davis was a widower, his wife having died about 2 years ago in Union. He leaves 10 children, the youngest being about eight years of age.

Searched LaGrande Observer on microfilm 8 Jan 1907-15 Jan 1907. Nothing found.

BURIAL: Union Victorian Cemetery, Union Oregon OS2 Lot 172 Pl6 Age 51
These are the headstones of Abraham Peter and Charlotte Van Noy Davis just to the left of the tall stone I am leaning on - Union, Oregon.  The stones are quite weathered and not easy to read.  Taken Sept. 2005

William Abraham married Charlotte Van Noy, born 14 December 1864 in Richmond, Cache Co., Utah;  She died 17 May 1905, shortly after childbirth  at age 41 in Union, Union Co., Oregon.  Buried 20 May 1905

CENSUS: 1870 Census of Richmond, Cache,Utah Territory(enumerated as a continuation of the Household of William Vannoy age 48 and Catherine)
Vannoy, Agnes, age 29, Keeping House
Vannoy, Mary, age 9
Vannoy, Charlotte, age 6
Vannoy, Thomas, age 4
Vannoy, James, age 2
Vannoy, Aveline, age 1

Oregon Death Index, 1903-98 (
Name: Davis, Charlotte V.
County: Union
Death Date: 16 May 1905
Certificate: 576

LeGrande Evening Observer, Monday, May 22, 1905 p. 3
"The funeral of the late Mrs. A.P. Davis, who died last Thursday at her home in Union, was attended yesterday by a large number of friends from LeGrande. The funeral ceremony was performed by President F.S. Bramwell, assisted by James English. The LDS Quartette consisting of SF Bramwell, CP Hammond, Wm. K. Davis, and H. Monson, attended the funeral and furnished the music. Mrs. Davis was a sister of Mrs. M. Rosenbaum, of this city. She leaves a large family of children, the youngest of which is three years of age. The funeral was largely attended, the meeting house being filled with sorrowing friends."
Funeral Notice. Died at Union, Oregon, Wednesday, May 17, 1905 Mrs. Charlotte V. Davis Age 40 years 5 mo. 3 days. Funeral from the Mormon Church Saturday May 20th at 2 o'clock p.m. Friends of the family invited.
(p. 21 of "Obituaries Vital Records Union County, Oregon 1890-1930" at LeGrand, Oregon Stake Family History Center. copied 8/23/05 by Adele Austin.

BURIAL: Union Cemetery, Union Oregon OS2 Lot 172 Pl 5 - Photo of headstone in possess of Forsgren Fam Assn. Cemetery visited by Adele Austin Sept. 2005. Died on a Wednesday.
[Note: Charlotte Van Noy is the daughter of William Thomas Van Noy and Agnes Birrell/Burrell. Through the Van Noys there is a tie to the George Osmond family lines) George's wife Olive is a Davis, but not the same Davis line as William Davis. See

William Thomas Van Noy - father of Charlotte Van Noy

Agnes Birrell - Mother of Charlotte Van Noy

Abraham Peter and Charlotte Van Noy had 13 Children:

[Comment:  I am not sure how accurate the identification is here.  The man on the far right is the photo used for William Abraham Davis's obituary - so perhaps the first man on the left is Vernon Davis.]  Photo courtesy of Randyl Worthen Alder, Centennial, CO.
Child #1 -- William Abraham Davis, born 8 Jun 1881, Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah;  died 2 Oct 1946 in Murray, Salt Lake Co., Utah,  Buried 5 Oct 1946, Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery, Salt Lake City; married Mercie or Marcia or Macy Jane Lindsay (daughter of Ephraim Lindsay and Mary E. Barton, born 1 Mar 1890 in Bennington, Bear Lake Co., Idaho;  died 8 Aug 1970 & buried in Larkin Sunset Lawn Cem, Salt Lake) on 17 Mar 1910 in LeGrande, Union, Oregon. 

William Abraham Davis' Obituary Photo

CENSUS: 1910 Census of Union, Union, Oregon, family #187
Davis, Wm. A, head, age 28, md. for 1 year, born Utah, farm manager
Davis, Mercy L, wife,age 20, md for 1 year, born Idaho
Davis, James L, brother, age 24,single, born Idaho
Davis, Harold B, , brother, age 15, single, born Idaho
Davis, Vernon N., brother, age 9, single, born Idaho

1920 Census of Hot Lake, Union, Oregon, family #33, Oregon Trail Rd.
Davis, William A, head, md, age 38, born Utah, general farmer
Davis, Mercie J, wife, age 29, born Idaho
Davis, William L, son, age 9 (all children born Oregon)
Davis, Glenda, daur, age 7
Davis, Violet, daur, agae 5
Davis, Eva V, daur age 2 & 9/12
Davis, Elaha L, [Leah L]daur age 1 & 1/12

OBITUARIES: Deseret News 3 October 1946 p. 9
     William Abraham Davis, 65, 222 East 3020 South St. died Wednesday afternoon of a heart ailment while seated at the wheel of a car near the Murray Buick Sales, 4637 South State where he was employed.
     Mr. Davis was born June 8, 1881 in Brigham City, a son of Abraham P. and Charlotte Van Noy Davis. He married Marcia Lindsay March 17, 1910 in LaGrande, Ore.
     An automobile mechanic and utility engineer, Mr. Davis had been employed by the Murray Buick Sales for several years. Prior to that time he lived in Price for a number of years. He also lived in LeGrande Ore., where he worked as a foreman for the Amalgamated Sugar Co.
     He was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He fulfilled a mission to the Northwestern States at one time and at the time of his death was serving as a high priest in the Rosecrest Ward.
     He is survived by his widow, a son William L. Davis, Salt Lake, and four daughters, Mrs. Eva Duckworth and Mrs. Leah Christman of Salt Lake; Mrs. Glenda Canto, Kenilworth and Mrs. Marion Kirillin, Korea. He is also survived by three brothers and four sisters, Harold V. Davis and Mrs. Ada Alder, Salt Lake; Hosea V. Davis, New York City, Vernon N. Davis, Price, Mrs. Agnes Campbell, Boise, Mrs. Electa Dalton, Los Angeles, and Mrs. Camile Grant, Pocatello and two grandchildren. [Obit contains a photo; they are the possess of the Fors Fam Assn]

BURIAL: Funeral notice The Deseret News, Friday, Oct. 4 1946 p. 21
"WILLIAM ABRAHAM DAVIS - Funeral services for William Abraham Davis, 65, 222 East 3020 South, will be conducted Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at 2350 East Thirteenth South by Bishop Goldteen Haight, of Rosecrest Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
     Mr. Davis, an automobile mechanic and utility engineer, died Wednesday at the wheel of a car near the Murray Buick Sales, 4675 South State St, where he had been employed.
     Friends may call at the place of funeral Friday evening and Saturday until time of services. Burial will be in Sunset Lawn Memorial Park."

William Abraham and Mercie Jane had 7 children:

           1)--William Lamar Davis  born 29 Nov 1910 in Hot Lake, Union, Oregon; died 13 May 1998.  I have no record of a marriage or place of death.  William Lamar is buried in the Utah State Veterans Memorial Park, Bluffdale, Salt Lake Co.  Site 3872.  I have put in a request on (7-2011) for someone to take a photo of his headstone.

William Lamar is listed with his family in the 1920 Census of Hot Lake, Union, Oregon, age 9
He is listed in the 1930 Census of West Mason Valley, Lyon Co., Nevada, age 20, a lodger in the home of William E. & Florence Walmsley and working as a farm laborer

William Lamar is not listed in the Utah burials website (9/2004)

MILITARY: Utah, Military Records, 1861-1970 Utah,
Name: William Lamar Davis
Birth Date: 28 Nov 1910
Birth Place: Hot Lake, Oregon
Father: William A Davis
Mother: Marcia Lindsay Davis
Age: 32
Military Service Year: 1942

This Herman A. Davis born 12/3/1912 and dying 1/5/1913, male, age 0 is listed in the Union Cemetery transcriptions on USGENWEB and he is listed right after Charlotte V and Abraham P. Davis.  I suspect it is the right Herman, but would have to send for the death certificate to know for sure.

          #2)--Herman Davis, born abt. 1911 Union, Union Co., Oregon;  died 1911.  I know nothing more about this child.  The name was submitted to the Church's archives by William Lamar Davis.  I found a listing for a Herman Alexander Davis death on 5 Jan 1913 in Union Co., Certificate #263. 

          #3)--Glenda Opal Davis, born 28 October 1912, Union, Union Co., Oregon;  died at age 35 on 16 April 1948 in Bingham Canyon hospital, Salt Lake Co, Utah of cardiovascular renal disease;  buried in the Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Glenda married Adolph Canto (born 4 July 1907 Eureka, Juab Co., Utah; died 23 Dec. 1979 in Kenilworth, Carbon Co., Utah.  He is buried in Price, Carbon Co., Utah.) on 12 November 1935 in Price, Carbon, Utah.  They had one daughter, Maruine P. Canto <living>.  If there were other children I have no information on them

Birth: Oct. 28, 1912 Union Union County Oregon, USA
Death: Apr. 16, 1948 Bingham Canyon Salt Lake County Utah, USA
Glenda Davis was born October 28, 1912 in Union, Oregon, a daughter of William A. and Marcia Lindsay Davis. She married Adolph Canto on November 12, 1935 in Price, Utah. She died in Bingham Canyon Hospital(Bingham Canyon, UT) at age 35 years, 5 months and 18 days. Biography provided by Linda Finley Family links: Spouse: Adolph Canto (1907 - 1979)
Burial: Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery Salt Lake City Salt Lake County Utah, USA
Created by: Perry A Sloan Record added: Oct 27, 2009 Find A Grave Memorial# 43612153

ADOLPH CANTO  (no headstone photo as of 7-2011)
Birth: Jul. 4, 1907 Eureka, Juab County, Utah, USA
Death: Dec. 23, 1979 Price, Carbon County,Utah, USA
Adolph Canto was the son of Antonio & Katherine Vallino Canto . He married Lorene Elizabeth Magenheimer on Feb 15, 1930 in Farmington, Utah. Lorene died in 1935 along with their newborn son Edward.
Adolph married Glenda Davis on Nov 12, 1935 in Price, Utah. Glenda died in 1948 and Adolph married Elsie Wilene Kilgore on Oct 13, 1950 in Elko, NV.
Family links:
Antonio Canto (1884 - 1960)
Katherine Vallino Canto (1884 - 1968)
Elsie Wilene Kilgore Canto (1920 - 2002)
Lorene Elizabeth Magenheimer Canto (1903 - 1935)
Glenda Davis Canto (1912 - 1948)
Note: Some genealogical records show surname as originally being Conta

Burial: Price City Cemetery, Price, Carbon County, Utah, USA
Plot: 1-M-297-04

          #5)--Eva Vejera Davis, born 14 March 1917, Union, Union, Oregon;  died 29 March 1984 in Magna, Salt Lake Co., Utah;  buried 2 April 1984 in Salt Lake City Cemetery, Plot 105894 L-8-20-EAST-4.  Eva married Joseph Hyrum Duckworth on 10 July 1942 in Preston, Franklin, Idaho, USA. Joseph was born 6 Oct 1906 in Concord, Contra Costa, California.  He died 26 December 1976 in Magna, Salt Lake Co., Utah and was buried 30 Dec 1976 in the Salt Lake City Cemetery 100296 L-8-20-ED-1.
Eva and Joseph had at least one child, a son, James <living>.  I have no photos of this family nor of their headstones.

BURIAL: Salt Lake City, Utah Cemetery Records, 1848-1992
Name: Eva D. Duckworth
Birth Date: Mar 14, 1917
Birth Place: Oregon
Death Date: 29 Mar 1984
Death Place: Magna, Utah
Plot: 105894 L-8-20-EAST-4
Burial Date: 2 Apr 1984

There is a family tree submitted by "ciccyw525" on which shows Joseph's basic data but does not link him to a spouse or mention children
CENSUS: 1910 U.S. Census of Salt Lake City, Ward 2, Salt Lake Co. Taken 30 Apr 1910; ED 111 Sheet 14B; Larrimer St. Family 295
Duckworth, Joseph, head, md, age 36, machinist at ore mill; born Utah, Father born England, mother born Scotland ; second marriage of 4 years duration
Duckworth, Jane S, wife, md, age 36, second marriage of 4 years duration; mother of 8 children, 7 still lifing. born Utah, both parents born England
Duckworth, Joseph H., son, age 3,born California
Duckworth, babe, son, age 1 month
Weichers, John E, son, age 19, son, single, machinist helper, ( all children born Calif., father born Germany, mother born Utah)
Weichers, Edwin W, son, age 17, machinist
Weichers, Eldridge L, son, age 15, Iron worker helper
Weichers, Clarence A, son, age 14
Weichers, George D, son, age 12

1920 U.S. Census of Salt Lake City Ward 2, ED 119 Sheet 1-B; taken 2 & 3 Jan 1920
Indiana Ave. family #27
Duckworth, Joseph J, head, md, age 44
Duckworth, Jane S, wife, md, age 46
Duckworth, Joseph H., son, age 13
Duckworth, Charles A, son, age 9
Duckworth, Glenn, son, age 5
Duckworth, May, daur, age 2 yrs. 7 mos.

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Name: Joseph Duckworth
SSN: [removed for privacy]
Last Residence: 84044 Magna, Salt Lake, Utah, United States of America
Born: 6 Oct 1906
Died: Dec 1976
State (Year) SSN issued: Utah (Before 1951)

BURIAL: Utah Cemetery Inventory (similar information given in's Salt Lake City, Utah Cemetery Records, 1848-1992)
Joseph H. Duckworth
Birth Date: 6 Oct 1906
Birth Place: California
Death Date: 26 Dec 1976
Death Place: Magna, Utah
Burial Date: 30 December 1976
Cemetery: Salt Lake City Cemetery
Source: Sexton Records
Grave Location: L-8-20-1-E2 W (100296 L-8-20-ED-1)

          #6) -- Leah Lorraine Davis, born 27 Dec. 1921 in Union, Union Co., Oregon;  died 27 Dec 1993 in Price, Carbon, Utah.  Buried 3 Jan 1994 in Price City Cemetery, Price, Carbon, Utah.  Leah married Wallace "J" Christman 13 Nov 1942 in Salt Lake City.  Wallace was born 27 October 1920 in Hiawatha, Carbon Co., Utah.  (I didn't even know there was a Hiawatha Utah!);  He died 24 Oct 2000 in Price, Carbon, Utah and is buried in the Price City Cemetery.  It appears that Lean and Wallace had no children (since only nieces and nephews are mentioned in their obituaries)

OBITUARY & BURIAL: [No headstone photo as of 7-2011]
Leah Lorraine Davis Christman
Birth: Dec. 27, 1921 Union County Oregon, USA
Death: Dec. 27, 1993 Price, Carbon County Utah, USA
Leah Davis Christman, age 72, died December 27, 1993 at her home in Price. She was born December 27, 1921 in Union, Oregon, daughter of William A. and Marcia J. Lindsey Davis. She married Wallace J. Christman November 13, 1942 in Salt Lake City.
Leah was a member of the LDS Church. She enjoyed sewing, cooking, and painting. Leah and Wallace loved traveling where they met many dear friends over the years.
Survived by husband, Wallace Christman, Price; brother, Lamar Davis, Salt Lake City; nieces, Sherry Jarvis, Kansas; Georgia Han, California; nephew, James Duckworth, Kearns; and special friend, Kathy Carlson, Price. Also survived by numerous other nieces, nephews, and cousins whom she loved dearly.
Memorial services Monday, January 3rd., 2 p.m., Mitchell Chapel. Family will be at Mitchell Funeral Home, Monday, one hour prior to service. Interment, Price City Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, family suggests contributions towards Arthritis Research. -published in the Deseret News Dec. 30, 1993
Family links: Spouse: Wallace J. Christman (1920 - 2000)
Burial: Price City Cemetery - Price, Carbon County, Utah, USA Plot: 1-P-130-04
Created by: L. Finley Record added: Jan 30, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 4731626

Utah Cemetery Inventory
Name: Leah Lorraine Davis Christman
Birth Date: 27 Dec 1921
Birth Place: Oregon, Union
Death Date: 27 Dec 1993
Death Place: UT, Carbon, Price
Burial Date: 3 January 1994
Cemetery: Price City Cemetery
Source: Sexton / Grant
Grave Location: 1-P-130-04
Relatives: Mother Davis, Marcia J. Lindsey Father Davis, William A.

CENSUS: 1930 U.S. Census of Sweet Mine, Carbon Co., Utah Enum Dist 4-40 Sheet No. 1-B, taken Apr 7, 1930
Christman, Joseph, head, md, age 36, age 25 at marriage, coal miner, born Yugoslavia
Christman, Laura, wife, md, age 29, age 18 at marriage, born Utah
Christman, Wallace, son, 9, all children born Utah
Christman, Max, son, age 7
Christman, Milton, son, age 2 3/12
Residence: Price, Utah 1993-2002

MILITARY: Utah Military Records, 1861-1970 (
Wallace J Christman
Born: 27 October 1920, Hiawatha, Utah
Mother: Laura Johansen, Castle Dale, Utah
Nearest Kin: Max Christman, brother
Wife: Leah Lorraine Davis 2222 E. 3020 South, Salt Lake City [same address as the Leah's sister, Violate Kirillin]
age 24
Military Service: 18 May 1944-Feb 15 1946, Navy

          #4)--Marian Violate Davis, born 1 April 1914, Union, Union Co., Oregon; died 21 Feb 1952, San Francisco, California.  Married Luka Alexandervitch Kirillin (known as Luke Kirillin more commonly) 22 Nov 1936 in Price, Carbon, Utah (??) 

Name variations: Violate, Vilate, Violet Marian, Marian V.

Kirillin, Marian V., age 32 yrs, 4 mos., female, md, native of Union City, Oregon, 1 April 1914
Address in United States: 222 East 3020 South St., Salt Lake City
Ship name: General John Pope;
Port of arrival: Seattle, Washington; date 25 Sep 1947
Port of Departure: Yokohama, Japan via Jinsen, Korea
California Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Marian V Kirillin [Marian V Davis]
Social Security #:
Sex: Female
Birth Date: 1 Apr 1914
Birthplace: Oregon
Death Date: 21 Feb 1952
Death Place: San Francisco
Mother's Maiden Name: Lindsay
Father's Surname: Davis

Luke Kirillin was born 18 Oct 1888 in Russia.  He died 17 March 1956 in San Francisco and is buried in the Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California.  He served in the Russian Army, the British Army Royal Engineers and eventually in World War II for the United States.

Caliifornia Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957 (
Record of Aliens held for Special Inquiry
S.S. "Oranje", arrived Sept. 20, 1918, Arrival Port: San Francisco
Index #6 - Kirillin, Luke Alexandervitch,
Manifest Group 9 No. 5
Cause of Detention: L.P.G. [I don't know what that means]
Admitted 9/26/18

MILITARY: British Army WWW Service Records, 1914-1920 (
There are several pages to this document for Luka's petition to enlist in the British Army as well as petition for repatriation (images 16574-16610)
Lukas Kirillin: Age 30; 5 ft. 8 inches, 139 lbs. Chest 34 inches, born Russia. Trade or Occupation: Russ. Army Officer; escaped to U.S.A...Sept. 1918
Application for Acceptance for Enlistment, British Army, Royal Engineers
Luka Kirillin, Astor Hotel, San Francisco., Cal.
Birth 18 Oct 1888, Russia
Occupation or Trade: Captain, Russian Army Officer (Czechs-Slovak Army)
Single; no children to support
Next-of-kin: Fortimat Kirillin, (Prisoner in Austria), brother
Agrees to be vaccinated; Is not an American citizen
Enlistment at Windsor, N.S. Canada, Oct 5, 1918
One of the documents contains his signature: Luka Kirillin
One document referrs to him as Luke Alexander Kirillin
Religion: Greek Orthodox
British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920 (British Medal, Roll RE/101A2 p. 218). RE Corps. Rank: PM, Regtl. No. 328914
Utah Military Records, 1861-1970: Military Service Cards.
Luke Kirillin is a California Resident. Serial No. 0 246 941
Address: 2222 E. 3020 So. SLC, Ut.
Military Service Year: 1941

NATURALIZATION: U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992
Index to Naturalization in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
Kirillin, Luke; Nationality: Russia
Date March 9th, 1925
The 1922 index of Intentions to these records lists him as
Kirillin, Lucas. Declaration vol. 102 p.56
California Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Luke Kirillin
Social Security #:
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 18 Oct 1888
Birthplace: Other Country
Death Date: 17 Mar 1956
Death Place: San Francisco
Mother's Maiden Name: Ternison
Father's Surname: Kirillin

BURIAL: U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
Name: Luke Kirillin
Birth Date: 18 Oct 1888
Death Date: 17 Mar 1956
Interment Date: 22 Mar 1956
Cemetery: Golden Gate National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 1300 Sneath Lane San Bruno, CA 94066
Buried At: Section R Site 117
Also located on (no headstone photo)
Luke Kirillin
Oct. 18, 1888 - Mar. 17,1956
Inscription: US Army Lt. Col. World War II
Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo Co
Plot R 0 117.
Find a Grave Memorial # 73981949

Luke and Violate Davis had at least one daughter, now deceased, who also served in the military:
          Georgia Gail Kirillin, born 28 Aug 1939, in Price or Salt Lake City, Utah;  died 28 Apr 200 in Upland, San Bernardino, California.  Georgia is shown in most records as Georgia Kirillin-Han, but I do not know the name of her husband.  She had two daughters with the surname Han who are still living.

Name: Georgia Gail Kirillin, Army
Home of Record at time of entry into active service: 776 North 1st East St., Price, Utah
Service Number: WR 8 516 838; Grade/Rank: CPL E-4
Birth Date: 28 Aug 1939, female
Birth Place: Price, Utah

Georgia G. Kirillin female; age 8 yrs. 1/2 mo., female, born 28 Aug 1939, Salt Lake City
Address in United States: 2222 East 3020 South St., Salt Lake City
Ship name: General John Pope;
Port of arrival: Seattle, Washington; date 25 Sep 1947
Port of Departure: Yokohama, Japan via Jinsen, Korea

U.S. Public Records Index, vol. 2
Georgia G. Kirillin-Han
Birth Date: 28 Aug 1939
Address: 397 Fourth Ave., Upland, CA 91785
US Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002
Han, G. Kirillin
Upland, California 91784 (residence 2000)

Social Security Death Index
Georgia G. Kirillin Han?
SSN: Last Residence: 91784 Upland, San Bernardino, California
Born: 28 Aug 1939
Died: 28 Apr 2006
State (Year) SSN issued: Colorado (1957-1958)
BURIAL: Have no record of where she was buried as of 7-2011. Not on under Han, Kirillin-Han or Kirillin.

Parents are Joseph Franc Christman and Laura Lucille Blackburn
Social Security Death Index:
Name: Wallace J. Christman
Last Residence: 84501 Price, Carbon, Utah, United States of America
Born: 27 Oct 1920
Died: 24 Oct 2000
State (Year) SSN issued: Utah (Before 1951)

Wallace J. Christman, Obituary date 26 Oct 2000, Price, Utah, age 79 appeared in both the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune (indexed on rootsweb)
Wallace J. "Wally" Christman (no headstone photo as of July 2011)
Birth: Oct. 27, 1920
Hiawatha, Carbon County, Utah, USA

Death: Oct. 24, 2000, Price, Carbon County, Utah, USA
PRICE-- Wallace J. Christman, age 79, passed away October 24, 2000 in Price.
He was born October 27, 1920 in Hiawatha, Utah to Joseph Franc and Laura Blackburn Christman. Married Leah Lorraine Davis, November 13, 1942 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She died December 27, 1993. Married Bessie Anderson Jumper September 17, 1994 in East Carbon City, Utah.
Member of the LDS Church. Served US Navy during World War II. Honorary life member Price Elk's Lodge #1550. Member of the Slovenian Home in Spring Glen. Retired member of the U.M.W.A. Kaiser Steel, Sunnyside Local #9958.
Wallace loved spending time in Joe's Valley and will be dearly missed by all.
Survived by his wife, Bessie Christman, Price; two brothers, Max (Margaret) Christman of Price, and Milton Christman of Tacoma, WA; sister, Patricia Diamond of Paige, AZ; special niece, Gail Haan of Upland, CA; stepchildren, Bill (Gaylene) Adams of Price, Russell (Sandi) Jumper of Price, and Donnie (Cathy) Leonard of East Carbon; eight loving step-grandchildren and nine step-great-grandchildren.
Funeral service Saturday, October 28, 2000, 11 a.m. at Mitchell Funeral Home. Family will be at Mitchell's Saturday one hour prior to services. Friends are welcome at Mitchell's daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Interment, Price City Cemetery.
-published in the Deseret News Oct 30, 2000
Family links:
Leah Lorraine Davis Christman (1921 - 1993)

Child #2 - Agnes Charlotte Davis, born 13 Jan 1883, Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah
died 3 March 1969.  I have not been able to find out where she died (she was last known to be living in Salt Lake City but is not in the Utah Burials Database nor the SL Cemetery database).  I have no photo of Agnes Charlotte.  Agnes married Stewart Peter Campbell on 5 Aug 1915 in Pocatello, Bannock Co., Idaho.  They were later divorced.  I believe Agnes did not remarry.  Stewart Peter Campbell was born 3 July 1883 in Palisades, Eureka, Nevada.  He died in a car accident in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon on 19 Jan 1958 and is buried in the Bellview Cemetery, Blaine Co., Idaho.  Agnes and Steward had three children:  Norman Davis Campbell <living>, Helen Shirley Campbell Scott (born 25 Jan 1919 or 1920 in Salt Lake City;  Died 31 Dec 2003; buried ??) and Eugene Stewart Campbell <living>.

Idaho Marriages, 1842-1996
Name: Agnes C. Davis
Gender: Female
Spouse: Stewart Campbell
Spouse Gender: Male
Marriage Date: Aug 5, 1915
Marriage Location: Pocatello, Bannock Co., Idaho
Source: This record can be found in the marriage book at the County Courthouse located in Bannock Co., ID in Volume 6 on Page 560.

DEATH: Social Security Death Index (
Name: Agnes Campbell
Last Residence: 84108 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Born: 13 Jan 1883
Died: Mar 1969
State (Year) SSN issued: Washington (1951-1952)
She is not listed in the Utah Burials database,nor the Salt Lake City Cemetery database, nor in under Agnes Campbell nor under Agnes Davis

Stewart Peter Campbell's parents are Niel and Katherine Campbell
CENSUS: 1920 Salt Lake City, Ward 4, S.L. Co., Utah
Campbell, Stewart, head, md, age 36 born Nevada, Father & Mo. born Canada
Campbell, Agnes, wife, age 36, born Utah
Campbell, Norman D., son, age 3 1/2 born abt. 1916, Idaho
Wells, Emma, age 34, maid, born England, emigrated 1912

1930 Census of Boise, Ada Co., Idaho ED 1-3 Sheet 10B; West Bannock St. family # 240
Campbell, Stewart, head, md, age 46, age 32 at time of marriage, mining engineer,born Nevada, father & mother born Nova Scotia,
Campbell, Agnes C, wife, md, age 47, age 32 at time of marriage. She and both parents born Utah
Campbell, Norman D, son age 13, born Idaho
Campbell, Helen S, daur, age 10, born Utah
Campbell, Eugene S, son, age 8, born Idaho

Hailey, Idaho LDS Family History Center:
Stewart Campbell
White, Male, Divorced
Residence: Portland, Ore
Death: Porland, Good Samaritan Hospital Jan 1958 Cause of Death: Hit by auto
Birth: 1889, July 3, Palisades, Nevada. Parents: Niel and Catherine Campbell
Burial: Jan 22, 1958, Bellevue Cemetery, Old Section - Campbell plot)

OBITUARY: Hailey Times, Thurs Jan 23, 1958, front page (on Microfilm at the Hailey, Idaho LDS FHC)
VALLEY PIONEER VICTIM TRAFFIC ACCIDENT FRI. Funeral Rites Held Here Wednesday at McGoldrick Chapel
     Word of the death of Stewart Campbell, 74, Portland, a pioneer resident of Bellevue was received by Mrs. Lovenia Campbell, his sister-in-law, on Monday. Mr. Campbell was killed when struck by an automobile driven by an 81 year old driver, Claude J Wallingford, a resident of the same hotel as Campbell At 10 N.W. Broadway. The accident happened at W. Burnside and 6th Ave. Friday evening. He was taken to the Good Samaritan hospital in Portland where he died early Saturday morning.
     Stewart Campbell was born July 3, 1883 at Palisades, Nevada, the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Campbell. The family moved to Bellevue when he was a small boy, to become one of the city's pioneer families. At one time they were owners of the Queen of the Hills [? - copy very dark here] mine, west of Bellevue.
     In 1921 [?] he became state mine inspector and served in this capacity for 12 years. After leaving this post he moved to Spokane. and resided there for several years before moving to Portland.

Child #3- James Leroy Davis, born13 August in Falls City (now Riverdale), Oneida Co., Utah.  Died 8 Sept 1912 from a broken back in an accident at Devil's Slide, Morgan, Utah;  Buried in Union, Union Co., Oregon Cemetery.  He was unmarried.  I have no photo of Leroy.

CENSUS: 1910 Census of Union, Union, Oregon, family #187
Davis, Wm. A, head, age 28, md. for 1 year, born Utah, farm manager
Davis, Mercy L, wife,age 20, md for 1 year, born Idaho
Davis, James L, brother, age 24,single, born Idaho
Davis, Harold B, , brother, age 15, single, born Idaho
Davis, Vernon N., brother, age 9, single, born Idaho

U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914
1907, p. 330
Davis, James L, age 22 yrs, 7 mos; Wright Field, enlisted by Capt. Shockley, born Cash Co., Utah, farmer, eyes brown, hair light brown, ruddy complexion, 6 1/2 feet tall; discharge Feb 19,1910 at Walter Reed G.H., Washing. D.C.; Regiment 29 Infantry, Co. A

DEATH: Box Elder News, Sept 12, 1912, p. 8 "Local and Personal"
" Word was received in this city that Mr. J. LeRoy Davis, son of the late Abraham Davis, a former resident of this city, had been killed at Devil's Slide Cement Plant by being crushed by the elevator. The young man's parents are both dead and for a number of years he has been roaming about the country. He returned from the Phillippines a year ago and spent part of last winter in this city. He visited his relatives here a few weeks ago on his way to Ogden, and the news of his death comes as a great shock to them. The body went north to Oregon, the former home of the young man, for interment."

NOTE ON DEVIL'S SLIDE: Devil's Slide - now a ghost town - is located at exit 111 off of I-84 in Weber Canyon between the cities of Henefer and Morgan. REMAINS: A few out buildings and garages
The town was named after an interesting nearby rock formation composed of two ridges of granite rock reaching from the river nearly to the summit of a sloping grass-clad mountain. They are from 50 to 200 feet high, narrow slabs, standing on edge as though forced out of the mountainside. The two ridges run parallel with each other, about ten feet apart, the space between being covered with grass, wild flowers, and clinging vines. It was the home of a corporation named The Union Portland Cement Company for the purpose of quarrying limestone - an imporpant ingredient in the making of cement. The discovery of the limestone was in 1904. Today the area where the town was located is used as a gravel-pit.

Death Certificate:
James LeRoy Davis, Sept 8 1912, Devils Slide, Morgan Co., Utah
male, white, born Aug 13 (no year given), 28 years 36 days, single, occupation: cement miller., born Avon, Utah to Abraham P. Davis born Utah and Charlottie Venoi, born Utah.
Informant was Hosea V. Davis of Union, Oregon.
Burial: Sept 12, 1912, Union Oregon
Cause of death: Shock due to accident, duration 4 hours, Hemorrhage to broken back

BURIAL: Listed with Charlotte & Abraham in the Union Cemetery transcriptions on USGenWeb.
Davis, James LeRoy, 8/18/1884-9/8/1912 age 28, male

James Leroy's is the headstone on the left, located in front of the Cemetery's small chapel.  His father and mother are to the right & back of the chapel about three rows over.

Child #4 - Electa Eureka Davis, born 25 Jun 1866, Falls City, Oneida, Idaho;  died 5 November 1975 in Salt Lake City;  Buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery on the 8 Nov 1975.  Married first Joseph Alvin Dalton on 9 October 1909 in Salt Lake City. [In a life sketch of Ada Davis she states that Electa Eureka married into polygamy.  Joseph Alvin Dalton married Mary Paulina Holmes 22 Sep 1881 and bore 9 children with her -according to census records.  Only two of those children grew to adulthood.  Mary Paulina did not pass away until 1917... 8 years after Joseph and Electa were married). Joseph Alvin Dalton was born on 12 Dec 1860, Centerville, Davis Co., Utah; He died 10 Aug 1933 in Salt Lake County.  Buried in Wasatch Lawn Cemetery, Salt Lake City. Joseph's death certificate states that he is divorced, but lists Electa Dalton as wife.  They are not listed at the same address.
     Electa Eureka married (second) Wilford Price Horne on 19 July 1959 in Oneida Co. Idaho.  He had previously been married to Laura Fullmer.  Wilford was born 16 April 1883 in Salt Lake City.  He died 31 Oct 1985 in Salt Lake.  He was buried 6 Nov 1985 in the SL City Cemetery.

Joseph Alvin Dalton
There is a family tree submission for Joseph Alvin Dalton on submitted by "BecLen" - The Davis/Wight tree.  His parents are Simon Cooker Dalton and Elnora Lucretia Warner. This tree has only a wife by the name of Electa May Holmes, born about 1860. No information on a marriage to Electa Davis or any children. Actually that "wife" is a composite of his two wives.

CENSUS: 1900 Census of Thomas Fork, Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho;Family 260
Dalton, Joseph A, head, born Dec 1860, age 39, married 18 years, born Utah; father born N. Hampshire, mother born Pennsylvania, farmer Rancher
Dalton, Mary P, wife, born Apr 1862, age 38, married 18 years. mother of 7 children, 2 living (!), born Utah, father born N. Hampshire, mother born Missouri
Dalton Eugene H, son, born Aug 1891, age 8, born Idaho
Dalton, Kenneth L, son, born May 1893, age 7, born Idaho

1910 Census of Union, Union Co. Oregon family 106
Dalton, Joseph A, head, age 49, md 28 years, born Utah, father born Pennsylvania; mother born U.S.; real estate agent
Dalton Mary H, wife, age 48, born Utah, md 28 years, mother of 9 children, one living. father born New Hampshire, mother born Missouri
Dalton, Kenneth L., son, age 15, born Idaho.

U.S. 1920 Census of Salt Lake City Ward 1; ED 97, Sheet 5A, Hollywood Ave. Family # 96
Dalton, Joseph A, head, md, age 59, owns his home, born Utah, Insurance agent
Dalton, Electea, wife, md, age 33, born Idaho
Dalton, Kenneth L, son, age 25, single, born Idaho, bookkeeper, Sugar factory
Dalton, Lavelle, age 8, daur, born Idaho
Dalton, Lovene, age 7,daur, all remaining children born Utah
Dalton, Laurice, age 5, daur
Dalton, Havor, age 4, son
Bowering, Hannah C, age 45, Dvorced, servant
Bowering, Nellettia, age 11, servant daughter

1930 Census of Salt Lake City, District 84; ED 18-84 sheet 3-A, taken April 3, 1930; family #44 Alameda Ave. South on 12th East.
Dalton, Joseph A, head, renting, age 68. age 46 when md, born Idaho, commercial traveler, oilwell>>>
Dalton, Electte E, wife, age 25 when md, born Idaho, trained nurse
Dalton, Neville J, son, age 18, single, born Utah, radio service
Dalton Loreene, daur, age 17, single, born Utah, waitress at lunch stand
Dalton, Laurice, daur, age 15, single, born Utah, waitress at lunch stand
Dalton Halvor, son, son, age 14, single, born Utah
Also living with them are three lodgers, Raj Der (India)
Grant, Camella age 40, divorced, born Idaho [This is Electa Eureka's younger sister and her daughter]
Grant, JaVan, age 19, born Oregon

DEATH:Utah Death Index, 1905-1951
Name: Joseph Alvin Dalton
Death Date: 10 Aug 1933
State File Number: 1933002893
Gender: Male
Age: 72
County of Death: Salt Lake

Electa and Joseph had 6 children:

          1) -- Neville Joseph Dalton, born 13 Mar 1911, Shelley, Bingham Co., Idaho.  Died 29 Oct 1982 in San Bernardino, California.  His last known residence was Victorville, Calif.  Do not know his place of burial.  Neville married Eula Maxine DeLong on 10 April 1943 in Los Angeles.  Eula was born 22 April
1914 in Hicksville, Ohio;  She died 22 Oct 2009 place of death and burial unknown.  I have no information on children for this family.

EMPLOYMENT: California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957
List or Manifest of Aliens employed on the Vessel as Members of Crew
Name: Neville Dalton
Port of Departure: Manila; Pi
Arrival: 22 May 1945, San Francisco: Ship: SS El Salvador Victory
Age: 34
Birth Date: Abt 1911
Gender & Ethnicity: Male, American
Height: 6 feet. Weight: 191
Service: 3 years, 2nd asst Engineer - to be discharged at port of arrival
Archive information (series:roll number): IMUSACA1907:130171
Seattle Passenger and Crew Lists, 1882-1957
List or Manifest of Aliens employed on the Vessel as Members of Crew
Crewe member Name: Neville Dalton
Arrival Date: 29 Oct 1945
Age: 34
Estimated Birth Year: 1911
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: English
Ship Name: SS El Salvador Victory
Port of Arrival: Seattle, Washington
Port of Departure: Okinawa, Japan
Line: 26
Microfilm Roll Number: M1383_285

California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957
List or Manifest of Aliens employed on the vessel as Members of Crew
Name: Neville J Dalton
Arrival Date: 21 Jan 1944
Age: 32
Birth Date: Abt1912
Gender: Male, American Height: 6 ft.; Weight: 190
Length of Service at Sea: 2 yrs, 3rd Asst. Engineer. Shipped Nov 29 1943
Ship Name: SS President Grant
Port of Arrival: San Francisco, California
Port of Departure: Brisbane; Aust
Archive information (series:roll number): IMUSACA1907:130159

California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957 Crew Member Manifest
Name: Neville J Dalton
Arrival Date: 28 Sep 1943
Age: 32 born abt. 1911
Gender: Male, American Height: 6 ft. Weight 170 lbs.
Service: 20 months; 3rd Ass't Engineer
Ship Name: SS Robert G Harper
Port of Arrival: San Francisco, California
Port of Departure: Noumea - New Caledonia
Archive information (series:roll number): IMUSACA1907:130158

DEATH: California Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Neville Joseph Dalton
Social Security #: 551035067
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 13 Mar 1911
Birthplace: Idaho
Death Date: 29 Oct 1982
Death Place: San Bernardino
Mother's Maiden Name: Davis
Social Security Death Index
Name: Neville Dalton
SSN: 551-03-5067
Last Residence: 92392 Victorville, San Bernardino, California, United States of America
Born: 13 Mar 1911
Died: Oct 1982
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)

Eula Maxine's parents are Peter Amzy De Long and Fern Elizabeth Hoover [Eula has not been sealed to them]
CENSUS: 1920 U.S. Census of Jefferson, Whitley Co., Indiana ED175 sheet 3-B; Family 69
Delong, Peter A, head, md, age 36, laborer, born Ohio
Delong, Fern E., wife, md, age 26, born Indiana
Delong, Eula M, daur, age 5
Delong, Glen W., son, age 3 yrs. 4 mo.
Delong, William R, son, age 1 yr. 6 mo.

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Name: Eula M. Dalton
SSN: 366-09-5431
Last Residence: 91351 Canyon Country, Los Angeles, California
Born: 22 Apr 1914
Died: 22 Oct 2009
State (Year) SSN issued: Michigan (Before 1951)
Residences: Canyon Country, California; Victorville, Calif.

          #2) -- Lorene or Louine Dalton, born abt. 1913, probably Salt Lake City. The only information I have on her is from the censuses shown above with her parents.  When I type her name into newFamilySearch they tell me that I cannot connect her with her parents, which means they have her in their records as still living.  Would be glad for a descendant to flesh out her information with a name of a spouse and children.

          #3)--Laurice Dalton, born 11 April 1914, Salt Lake City.  She passed away 27 Feb 1996, place of death and burial unknown.  She married, but I have no information on name of spouse or children. happened to have a High School Yearbook photo of her: 
Unfortunately she has written across her own face to whomever the yearbook belonged to.
This is the "cleaned up" version of the same photo.  Didn't come out so well!

          #4)--Halvor Stanton Dalton, born 15 Dec 1915 in Salt Lake City;  died 26 Mar 2000, possibly in Austin Texas.  Burial place unknown.  He married by I have no information on wife and children.

MILITARY: Military Service Cards in the Utah Military Records 1861-1970 Collection on Halvor Stanton Dalton, Local Board No. 14
Rank: 1st Lt. Serial No. 0 562 817, Army.
Enlisted 2/5/41, Salt Lake City, Utah
Service terminated 2/10/46, Ft. McArthur, California
Status: Married
Military History: Org: 22nd Replacement Depot
Battles: Luzon
Decoratons: Philippine Liberation Ribbon, World War II Victory Medal, American Theater Service Medal, Asiatic Pacific Theater Service Medal
Halvor S. Dalton, 73 4th E., SLC
Mother: Mrs. Electa D. Dalton, Orange, Calif.
Residence: 2309 Cypress Pt E, Austin, Tx 787-7224; also Bakersfield CA

One of the military record cards on
DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Name: Halvor S. Dalton
SSN: 573-16-2498
Last Residence: 78746 Austin, Travis, Texas, United States of America
Born: 15 Dec 1915
Died: 26 Mar 2000
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)

Burial place unknown. Not on Texas or "all states"

          #5) Charles William Dalton, born and died on 21 Aug 1917, place unknown
          #6)  Doris Dalton, born 8 Jan. 1925; died 6 Sept. 1925

Child #5 -- Ada Davis  born 25 May 1888 in Paradise, Cache Co., Utah.  Died 28 Oct 1967 in Salt Lake City;  supposedly buried 1 Nov 1967 in Salt Lake City in which cemetery I do not know.  Ada entered into a post-manifesto polygamous marriage with Reuel Johnson Alder on 2 November 1910 in Bountiful, Davis, Utah.  She bore Mr. Alder 10 children and then divorced him.  A grand daughter (which one is unknown to me) wrote a biographical sketch of Ada and this polygamous marriage.  It was a difficult and hard life, and not happy one as the family was often in poverty and rejected by their peers. It somehow seems inappropriate to include the full history on so public a forum as this blog is, but I will happily forward  it to anyone proving their descendancy. 
     Let it be said that Ada was a woman of courage, tenacity & deep spiritual leanings.
Quoting from the history:       "From the viewpoint of Ada's granddaughter, it has been interesting for me to piece this story together. I feel the issue is not whether it was right or wrong for Ada to enter polygamy or to later abandon the principle. The issue is [that] whatever she thought, felt, or struggled with, it is to her eternal credit that she kept her seven children together and was able to feed, clothe, and care for them despite any problems that modern polygamy cause."   . . .
     "Ada Davis was about eight years old when she and her younger sister, Camille, were on their way to school and decided to pick some lilies for their teacher. They had been warned not to go near the lily patch, but they didn't knkow that it was infested with quicksand. Camille fell in first and was completely covered except for her head and right arm. In her rescue attempts, Ada was pulled in also and had sunk in past her waist. Any attempts to get out only resulted in sinking deeper. Ada told her sister "the only thing we can do is pray."  So the sisters prayed. Ada then felt a sensation as if something got under her feet and lifted her out of the quicksand. She got a long stick and pulled her sister to safety.
     Ada Davis had many similar spiritual experiences in her life. Dreams, visions and other spiritual manifestations were not uncommon. She used these experiences as guidelines in her life. . . ."

Reuel Johnson Alder, born 17 Mar 1886, Preston, Franklin, Idaho;  Died 5 Sept 1958 at Salt Lake General Hospital;  buried 9 Sep 1958 in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.  He married Josephine Groesbeck (1905), Ella Martha Zigahn (Oct 1909-Divorced), Ada Davis (2 Nov 1910-Divorced), Rita Vickers (15 Oct 1919),Ingrid Rachel Anderson (23 Feb 1923), Mary Sylvia Johnson (19 Sep 1934), Phebe Rothery and someone named Alta (dates unknown).  Reuel Alder was excommunicated from the LDS Church in 1914.  His blessings were restored by George F. Richards, 1936, in the Salt Lake City 27th Ward.  Ada's sketch by her granddaughter said that Reuel served at least 3 terms for unlawful polygamy.
(this photo courtesy of Randyl Worthen Alder, Centennial CO - July 2012)

BIRTH: Presto 1st Ward Mem Rec, Film 007540, Oneida Co.
BAPTISM: Same ref and SLC 27th Ward E Rec Flm 026737. end bapt 31 Mar 1934
ENDOWMENT: Logan Temp Film 178053 No. 3556 Bk B p. 99
Elder 12 Oct 1934
Seventy 21 Mar 1937 or 1939

Served Northern States Mission Returned 1907 per Preston Ward E Rec Flm 0 07541

 MILITARY: World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Reuel Johnson Alder
City: 363 Edith Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah
Birth Date: 17 Mar 1886 , agae 32
Race: White
FHL Roll Number: 1983911
DraftBoard: 1
Age: Occupation: Salesman, self-employed
Nearest Relative: Ada D. Alder, 363 Edith Ave, Salt Lake City
Color of Eyes/Hair: dark bron
Signature: signed Reuel Johnson Alder

BURIAL: Salt Lake City Cemetery: Plot: West 6, 155, 1E;
Burial Information: ALDER, REUEL JOHNSON
Birth: 3/17/1886
Death: 9/5/1958
Burial: 9/9/1958
Place of Birth: PRESTON,IDAHO
Cause of Death:
Grave Location: Salt Lake City Cemetery WEST_6_155_1E

OBITUARY: Deseret News 8 Sept 1958

The Ada Davis and Reuel Alder family - minus Reuel.  The photo has the following identification on the reverse side:
Back Row:  Afton Worthen Alder, Beth Powell Alder, Maurine Alder Ashworth, Ada Davis Alder, Marcella Alder Dorius, Ilene Alder Lusby, Ada Alder Livingston
Front Row:  Guy Davis Alder, Howard Davis Alder, Lucile Alder McFarland, Milton Paul Dorius, Wayne Ashworth (photoshopped)

Ada Davis and Reuel Alder had 10 children:

          #1--Marcella Alder ("Marky", born 2 June 1912, Salt Lake City;  died 22 Jan 2004 in San Pedro, California;  buried Salt Lake City Cemetery;  Marky married Milton Paul Dorius, 27 July 1932 in Coalville, Utah.  Mr. Dorius was born 5 Dec 1907 in Ephraim, Sanpete Co., Utah;  Died 31 Aug 1985 in Salt Lake City.

OBITUARY: Deseret News, Jan 25, 2004
" Cuddles" or Marky
Our Loving Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother passed away January 22, 2004, in San Pedro, California. Born June 3, 1913, the oldest of ten children, and married to Milton Paul Dorius, on July 27, 1932.
Survived by her children: Paul Dorius, Carolyn Hall, Sharon Atkins, Jerri Weber and Teri Thomas; seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her parents and her husband.
Marky worked for the City of Salt Lake and retired in California. As a child, she enjoyed ice skating and won awards playing tennis at West High School. Later she enjoyed square dancing, golfing, bowling, bingo and family cookouts.
Mom, you left your footprints in the sand, and although the tide has since washed them away, you will never be forgotten.
Viewing Wednesday, January 28, from 10:30 - 11:30 at Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple. There will be a prayer at the graveside and a gathering after. For information, please call Nettie at 801-295-8825 

CENSUS:1910 Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah he is age 2
1920 Salt Lake City, Ward 1, SL Co., Utah listed as son, age 12, born Utah. Parents Oliver F and Ida A. Dorius
DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Name: Milton Dorius
SSN: 529-12-5927
Last Residence: 84116 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States of America
Born: 5 Dec 1907
Last Benefit: 84116 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States of America
Died: Aug 1985
State (Year) SSN issued: Utah (Before 1951)
     Marky and Milton Paul Dorius had 5 children:  Milton Paul, Carolyn, Sharon Rae, JoLynn Marky, and Teri Lee.  Sharon Rae was born 5 Mar 1940 in SLC and passed away 12 Dec 2005.
          #2)--Lucile Alder, born 16 Jun 1914, Salt Lake City; Died 20 Oct 2005 in Clinton, Prince Georges Co., Maryland;  buried in Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery, Clinton, Md.  Lucile Md first Robert Russell Andersen (20 Jan 1913-Salt Lake City - 15 May 1996) on either 12 Mar or 10 July 1936 in Salt Lake City.  They divorced. I have no information if there were children of this marriage.  Lucile married second James Cunningham MacFarlane, Jr. on 17 July 1954 in Clinton, Prince Georges Co., Maryland.
Mr MacFarlane was born 16 Nov 1919 in either Boston or Deham, Massachusetts.  He died 20 Jan 1971 in Washington, D.C. and was buried 22 Jan 1971 in Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery, Clinton, Md.
Lucile and James had two children:  Bruce Alan and Jacqueline Dee <living>.

CENSUS: 1920 Census of Salt Lake City Ward 1; family # 238. Edith Ave.
Alder, Reuel J, md, age 33, born Idaho, salesman auto accessories
Alder, Ada D, md, age 31, [ all remaining household members born Utah]
Alder, Marcell, daur, age 6,
Alder, Lucile, daur, age 5
Alder, Guy D, son, age 4
Alder, Howard D, son, age 2 yrs. 8 mos.

1930 Census of Salt Lake City family #172; Edith Avenue
Alder, Ada, head, age 41, Widow [!?], all members of household born Utah
Alder, Marcella, daur, age 16
Alder, Lucile, daur, age 15
Alder, Guy, son, age 14
Alder, Howard, son, age 13
Alder, Laurine, daur, age 8
Alder, Iline, daur, age 6
Alder, Ada, daur age 5
Residences: 1985, 1987 Orem, Utah; 1993, 1995, Indian Head and Bowie, Maryland

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Name: Lucile A. Macfarlane
SSN: 578-62-8449
Last Residence: 20748 Temple Hills, Prince Georges, Maryland
Born: 16 Jun 1914
Died: 20 Oct 2005
State (Year) SSN issued: District of Columbia (1963)

BURIAL: (photo of couple headstone as well as her individual stone)

          #3) -- Guy Davis Alder, born 8 Nov. 1915, Salt Lake City, Utah;  Died 29 Mar 2002, Salt Lake (last address South Jordan); cemetery unknown.  Guy married Afton Lenora Worthen (born 27 Feb 1917, Salt Lake City- 9 Mar 1994, Salt Lake City) on 6 August 1937 in the Salt Lake Temple.
Guy and Afton had 4 sons: Gary Deane, Guy Michael, Darryl Henry and Randyl Worthen.  Gary was born 14 Jan 1939 in Washington D.C. and died 8 May 1996 in Sandy, Utah.  Buried Sandy)

Guy (High School days?)

Guy Davis Alder
and wife, Afton Worthen Alder

Afton & Guy, Mike and Gary - 1945

   50th Wedding anniversary photo.  [All photos courtesy of Randyl Worthen Alder, their son]

Sons of Utah Pioneers Card Index
Guy Davis Alder
Spouse: Afton Lenora Worthen
Pioneer: after 1869
Birth Date: 08 Nov 1915, Salt Lake City, Utah
Donor: Guy D. Alder

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Guy D Alder
Born: 8 Nov 1915
Died 29 Mar 2002, age 86
Last Address of Record South Jordan Salt Lake 84095

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Persons composing the Crew of the American Steamship McKeesport
Name: Guy D Alder, US Citizen,
Arrival Date: 1 Jan 1935
Birth: abt 1916, age 19, born Utah
5ft. 10 ", Lt complexion, hair: brown service: V.Away
Port of Departure: New York, New York
Port of Arrival: Le Havre, France
Port Arrival State: New York
Port Arrival Country: United States
Name & address of Next of Kin: Ada Alder 363 Edith Ave., SLC, Utah

MILITARY: U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
Name: Guy D Alder
Birth Year: 1915
Race: White, Citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Utah
State of Residence: Utah
County or City: Salt Lake
Enlistment Date: 15 Sep 1944
Enlistment State: Utah
Enlistment City: Fort Douglas
Branch: No branch assignment
Branch Code: No branch assignment
Grade: Private
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life
Military Service Cards:
Guy D. Alder, Army; Serial #9935349, 1724 White Ave. SLC
Enlisted SLC 9-15-44; Discharged: Camp Roberts, Calif. 10-28-44
Residences:,1993-1996, Holladay1997: Kamas, Utah; 1998 &99 - Heber City
Listed in Who's Who in Finance and Industry. 21st edition, 1979-1980

Guy and Afton's son Gary Deane Alder
born 14 Jan 1939, Washington D.C.
died 8 May 1996 in Sandy, Salt Lake, Utah
buried in Sandy

       #4) -- Howard Davis Alder, born 13 April 1917, Salt Lake City; died 30 Dec 1976, Lubbock, Texas. Buried 5 Jan 1977, Salt Lake City. Howard married Beth Phyllis Powell, on 10 April 1940 in the Salt Lake Temple.  Beth was born 16 Jan 1920, Salt Lake City.  She died 1 Oct 2009.  Howard and Beth were the parents of 5 children:  Howard Craig, Ada Diane, Duane Bruce, Wendy Joan and Paula Dorene.

          #5) -- Louise Alder, born 26 Oct 1918 in Salt Lake City;  she died the next day 27 Oct 1918. (Her death certificate says 28 well as her burial in Wasatch Lawn.)

          #6)--Beth Alder, born 27 Sep 1919, Salt Lake City;  Died 13 Oct 1919, Salt Lake LDS Hospital.  Buried Wasatch Lawn Oct 15, 1919, Salt Lake City.

          #7) -- Maurine Alder, born 7 August 1921, Salt Lake City;  died 16 Dec 1995, Salt Lake City.  Buried 20 Dec 1995 Salt Lake City.  Maurine married first Harold Rolo Bills, Jr. on 23 Aug 1946 in Salt Lake City.  They divorced on 15 August 1953. He married Erma Ester Payne <living>in 1954 and are the parents of 3 children.
     Maurine married Wayne Giaugue Ashworth on 12 Dec 1966 in the Salt Lake Temple.
     Wayne was born 19 Mar 1919, Salt Lake City;  he died 16 Nov 2007 Bountiful, Davis Co., buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery 19 Nov 2007.  Wayne was previously married to Jennie Josephine Ferick on 16 Sep 1944.  They were the parents of 4 children:  JoEllen, Monte G, Linette and Rod Wayne (who passed away in 1990).  I am grateful to Jo Ashworth for confirming and expanding much of the information on Maurine and her two spouses.

Maurine graduated from East High School, class of 1954.   Maurine had no children by either husband

Utah Cemetery Inventory (
Name: Maurine Alder Bills Ashworth
Birth Date: 7 Aug 1921
Birth Place: Salt Lake City, Utah
Death Date: 16 Dec 1995
Burial Date: 20 December 1995
Cemetery: Salt Lake City Cemetery
Source: Sexton Records
Grave Location: X-6-166-3-W

Harold Rollo Bills, Jr.
On there is a private family tree submitted by "campbellfamily33" that includes Harold Bills.
His parents are Harold Rollo Bills, Sr. and Frances Wellard 

An inquiry to that owner yielded the following message on August 14, 2011:
Harold did not have any children with Maurine. I do not have very much information on her. I do not know their marriage date or divorce date. He did always mention that he was married before but never really told any stories.

He married Erma Payne on February 22, 1954. I am related to Harold by his wife Erma who is my aunt. Erma is still alive and they had 3 children. I do have some photos of Erma & Harold and even a newspaper clipping that tells a little bit about their life.

Harold’s father was Harold Rollo Bills Sr. who was a polygamist. He had 2 wives in which he loved both dearly. At the time they abolished polygamy he could not choose between them. He ended up divorcing both of them. He later married Frances Wellard who was the mother of Harold Rollo Bills Jr.

I hope that I have shared a little bit about the Bills. I will try to gather the pictures together and the newspaper clipping and forward that to you to review. Please let me know if you have any questions.


It appears Harold lived in Bountiful most of his later life.

CENSUS: 1930 U.S. Census of Alameda, Bannock Co., Idaho, take Apr 1930 ED 3-23 sheet 4-B Family #78, Yellowstone Highway
Bills, Harold, head, md, age 28, md at age 19, farmer, born Idaho, father born Utah, mother born Canada
Bills, Francis, wife, age 29, md at age 20, born Idaho, both parents born utah
Bills, Harold, son, age 6, (all remaining members of household born Idaho)
Bills, Mable, daur, 4 yrs and 6 mos
Bills, Joy, daur, 2 years and 6 mos
Bills, Marjory, dau, 6 mos
Wellard, Ireta, niece, age 14

MILITARY: U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
Name: Harold R Bills Jr
Birth Year: 1924
Race: White, Citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Idaho
State of Residence: Idaho
County or City: Bannock
Enlistment Date: 22 Apr 1943
Enlistment State: Idaho
Enlistment City: Pocatello
Branch: No branch assignment
Branch Code: No branch assignment
Grade: Private
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Name: Harold R. Bills
SSN: 518-22-3597
Last Residence: 84010 Bountiful, Davis, Utah
Born: 8 Feb 1924
Died: 4 Jul 2005
State (Year) SSN issued: Idaho (Before 1951)

BURIAL: Buried in the Bountiful Cemetery - confirmed by JoEllen Ashworth (daughter of Maurine's 2nd husband) which led me to where photos of the headstone have been posted
Harold Rollo "Son" Bills, Jr.
Birth: Feb 8,1924
Death: Jul 4,2005
Family links:
Parents: Harold Rollo Bill (1902 -1983)
Frances Wellard Bills (1900-1973)
Erma Naone Warren Bills (1951-2011)
Burial: Bountiful Memorial Park, Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah
Created by Doug Bills Jul 31, 2011(
Find a grave memorial #74232916

I am grateful to Doug Bills for uploading this photo to findagrave.  He did so just yesterday! Wayne G. Ashworth

DEATH: The following poignant account is taken from the blog
Date: November 17, 2007 12:21:22 AM MST
Subject: Obituary for Wayne G. Ashworth
Family and friends--My father passed away at 1:35pm today (Friday, November 15). Even though he was 88, it was very unexpected. Just 10 days before, I had taken dad to his gerontologist, and his blood pressure was 110/70; his oxygen was 93; his pulse was 80, and his kidney function was stable. Thursday morning, November 15, he wasn't feeling well--weak, nauseated, shaking, with stomach pain. Dad's caregiver, Julia, and Katie, my sister's daughter, took him to the doctor in the afternoon. After being unable to locate a pulse or blood pressure, dad was admitted to the emergency room and put on oxygen, given fluids via I.V. (he was dehydrated), and given antibiotic (he had a little pneumonia in the right lung). His blood pressure was very low when he came to the hospital (50/30, I think). We attempted to raise it Thursday night by having dopomine administered--that elevated the top blood-pressure number--to about 90 maximum, but really did nothing for the bottom number (which remained around 40 most of the time), and made his heart race (to about 120 beats per minute). Friday morning, November 19, we decided that the dopamine was just prolonging the end, so we had the dopamine discontinued. His "breaths-per-second" (starting at about 35) and heart rate (starting at about 120) and blood pressure began to slowly decline. The doctor said he had never seen a patient with a white-blood-cell count of 88,000 open his eyes and look at him, but that's what dad did--the doctor said something we already knew--"He must have been a very strong man". Dad was given morphine for pain--his abdomen was very tender--some kind of "abdominal catastrophe" is what the doctors called it. As the various counts got lower, he slipped into sleep. Most of his family were there--his three living children (including me), his grandchildren--Sam, Dallas, Kara (who had flown in from St. Louis that morning), Kara, Kate, Harrison, Liz, Ken, Mike, Jennie, and Kristy--were there. His breathing became slower and more shallow--although his heart seemed to continue strong. But at 1:35pm, his heart stopped. Someone made the comment that once he had passed away, his body looked different. We are saddened by his passing, but we know that he's in a better place with loved ones who have gone on before. The obituary that will appear in the Sunday papers follows. Love, Jo Ellen
Wayne Giauque Ashworth
Age 88
   Wayne Giauque Ashworth died November 16, 2007, of natural causes.
   Wayne was born March 19, 1919, in Salt Lake City, Utah, the third of five children of Harold William Ashworth and Ellen Cecile Giauque Ashworth.
    Wayne attended Hamilton Elementary, Roosevelt Junior, and East High schools.
    Wayne was a World War II veteran, serving in Iceland in the 31st Ferrying Squadron of the Army Air Corps, the "gentlemen's army". While traveling to his assignment in Iceland, 17 of the 34 boats in his convoy were sunk by German U-boats. In Iceland, he shook the hand of then Princess (later Queen) Elizabeth.
   Wayne married Jennie Fercik September 16, 1944, later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple October 7, 1959. They were the parents of four children. Jennie died in a car accident November 25, 1965. Wayne married Maurine Alder Bills December 12, 1966, in the Salt Lake Temple. She died December 16, 1995.
    Early in his life, Wayne worked as a furniture mover, truck driver, and coal miner. For most of his life he was an iron worker. He owned American Crane, a steel erection company, for over 35 years.
    Wayne was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He served as Scoutmaster and Elders Quorum President.
    Wayne was a hard worker, generous, loved small children; loved good music of all kinds; he loved to see Old Glory fly; his heart went out to the less fortunate and those in pain. He understood that money always helps those in need.
    Wayne is survived by children, Jo Ellen Ashworth; Monte G (Cyndie) Ashworth; and Linette Ashworth (Doug) Smith; daughter-in-law, Kristin Johnson Ashworth (Dave) Stroud; six grandsons; six granddaughters; 12 great-grandchildren, and sister, Norma A. Wheadon, South Jordan. Preceded in death by son, Rod W. Ashworth (1990); brother, Harold W. Ashworth, Jr. (1968), and sisters, Emma A. Tadje (2005) and June A. Johnson (1999).
   Viewing will be held this evening from 6-8pm and Monday, November 19, 11:45am to 12:45pm; funeral at 1:00pm Monday, November 19, at Orchard First Ward, 3707 South 800 West, Bountiful. Interment at the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

          #8) Ilene Alder, born 2 Mar 1923, Salt Lake City <still living as of 2011>. Married William Alvin Lusby on 16 Jun 1944 in the All Saints Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.  William was born 30 May 1913 in Washington D.C. and died there 2 Dec 1995 .  He is buried in Occukus, Maryland. William and Ilene are the parents of 5 children: Jeannette Ilene, Theresa Carol, William Alvin, James Robert, & Gregory Townshend. <living>

          #9)--Ada Alder, born 25 May 1924, Salt Lake City.  She was named Ada because she and her mother shared the same birth date.  She died 20 May 2003 in Lakewood, Jefferson, Colorado.  She married first Robert Charles Haas (15 Sep 1923, Brooklyn, Queens, NY-May 1964, Miami, Dade, Florida) on 1 Aug 1946.  They later divorced.  They had one child, Robin Christopher Haas who was born 6 May 1947 in Brooklyn and died 10 Jan2003 in Denver, Colorado.  He is buried in Lakewood, Colorado.
     Ada married second William Sears Livingston on 9 Mar 1953, Salt Lake City. William was born 17 Jan 1919; he died 26 Sep 1999  in Westminster, Adams, Colorado and is buried in Wheatridge, Jefferson, Colorado.  William had been married formerly to Marie Bethart and had 3 children. Ada and William were the parents of 6 children:  Wade, Cynthia, Ward, Bryan, Claudia and David.

From a life sketch about Ada (Senior) by a grand daughter:
     "She almost lost her life giving birth to her youngest daughter, Ada (They share the same name because they share the same birthday). At the time of this birth, the doctor was late getting to the hospital and a nurse tied Ada's legs together to prevent the baby from being born before the doctor arrived. This caused severe hemorhaging after the birth and Ada was not expected to live. In fact, when R.J. went to visit her at the hospital he found her out in the hall on a stretcher. When he asked why she wasn't cleaned up and in a bed, the nurse replied that she was going to die anyway and they didn't want to dirty any more sheets. Rachel testifies that she'd never seen her husband as upset as he was when he thought Ada was going to die after this birth. He called his family together for a prayer circle all night to pray for Ada's recovery. "

CENSUS: 1920 Census of Salt Lake City, Utah, Precinct 1. Image 532.
Livingston, Wm R, head, age 26
Livingston, Afton, wife, age 27
Livingston, Wm, son, age 11/12, born Utah
Sears, Sarah J, mother in law, age 70 years, widow, born Utah

1930 Census of Salt Lake City, Ramona Ave.
Livingston, William D, head, md at age 23, age 36 (all family residents born Utah)
Livingston, Afton, S, wife, md at age 24, age 37, father born England
Livingtston, William S, son, age 11
Livingston, Grant S, son, age 9
Livingston, Lewis S., son, age 6
Livingston, Virginia, daur, age 4 1/2
Livingston, Wallace S, son, age 2 1/2

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
William S. Livingston
Birth: 17 Jan 1919
Death: 26 Sep 1999
SS obtained in Utah before 1951. Last Residence 80215 (Lakewood, Jefferson, Colorado)

          #10) -- Paul Davis Alder, born 18 Dec 1925, Salt Lake City.  He died 15 Sep 1927, Salt Lake City. He is buried in Wasatch Lawn Cemetery.

From the life sketch of Ada (Senior) written by an un named grand daughter:
     ". . . Ada's youngest child, Paul, died of infantile paralysis. The death of Paul was a very tragic event for Ada and her family. The night Paul was born, Ada had a dream that Paul would only be given to her for a short time. Paul was the kind of child that picked up diseases easily and was sick most of the time. Nevertheless, he was a bright child and seemed to show a particular interest in religious matters. He wanted to go to priesthood meetings with Howard and Guy, even though he was less than two years old. One night when he was very ill, Ada prayed that if her young son was to die, that he wouldn't suffer any longer. She then went in to check on Paul and he looked up at her and said, "Bye-bye Mama" and died.  He was twenty-one months old.
The Bishop of the ward gave Ada fifty dollars to arrange the funeral for Paul. They bought him a little sailor suit to be buried in and a coffin, but the money wouldn't cover the expense of a hearse, so ADa held the coffin on her lap as they drove to the cemetery. "

Child #6 -- Camille Davis, born 11 April 1890 in Ovid, Bear Lake Co., Idaho;  Died 31 August 1968 at Fort Bragg, Cumberland, North Carolina;  Buried in Sunset Lawn, Salt Lake City. 
     Most genealogical records passed down and copied in the family state that Camille married first Ephraim Barton Lindsay on 1 Jun 1907 in Ovid, Bear Lake, Idaho, but their marriage was recorded in the "Oregon Marriages. 1906-1920" database as taking place on 5 March 1910 in Union, Oregon.  It appears then, that their first child was probably born out of wedlock.  Camille and Ephraim are living with his family in Union, Oregon in the 1910 Census and it states there that they have been married a year.  Remember that Camille's parents have both died (A.Peter in 1907 and Charlotte in 1905) and that she is being raised by neighbors and miscellaneous family members.  Though it is speculation on my part it is easy to imagine her being attracted early to a young man and the situation possible for an out of wedlock birth.   
     Camille and Ephraim later divorced after having three more children.  They had twin sons who died when they were born prematurely,  so the date of the divorce is some time after 1912.  By 1917 Ephraim has married again (to Roma Lee Bozart) and by1918 Camille marries Robert Milton Grant (or Robert Milton Cajacob Grant).  Robert adopted Camille's one living child, Javon.  All the children are sealed to Camille and Robert Grant even though she later divorced him as well.  She and Robert were married 26 October 1918 in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon.   I am indebted to a Neie family tree submission by "grantneie" on for fleshing out some confusing data that was passed down to me in the Forsgren Family Archives.  I have had almost NO contact with Forsgren/Davis descendants over the years so have had many pieces of a puzzle that never quite fit.   We must also recognize the great blessing that has come from all of the blossoming online databases that provide access to information I didn't have earlier in our collecting of information.   What a wonderful age of communication we live in!

Camille Davis:
newFamilySearch  also has her as Camilla L Davis (LDS Church Membership Record)

1920 Census of Tacoma Ward 3, Pierce, WashingtonED 269 Sheet 5B; family #121
Grant, R M, head, md, age 34, he & mother born Missouri, father born Illinois, investment banker
Grant, Camille, wife, age 29, born Idaho
Grant, Javan, daur, age 9, born Oregon
1930 Census Camille and Javan are enumerated as lodgers in the home of Joseph and Electa Dalton (her older sister). Camille is listed as Divorced.

DEATH: photo of death certificate in possess of Fors. Fam. Docs.
North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975 North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975
Name: Camille Davis Grant [Camille Davis Davis]
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 78
Birth Date: 11 Apr 1890
Birth Place: Idaho, United States
Death Date: 31 Aug 1968
Death Location: Fort Bragg, Cumberland
Father's name: Abraham Davis
Mother's name: Vannoy
Residence: Pope Air Force Base, Cumberland, North Carolina

Social Security Death Index
Name: Camille Grant
SSN: 528-07-4966
Last Residence: 28308 Pope A F B, Cumberland, North Carolina, United States of America
Born: 11 Apr 1890
Died: Aug 1968
State (Year) SSN issued: Utah (Before 1951)

Ephraim Barton Lindsay:His parents are Ephraim Cragun Lindsay (1862-1929)and Mary Ellen Barton (1870-1926) who were married 9 Mar 1885 in Bear Lake Idaho

CENSUS: 1910 Census of Union, Union, Oregon; ED 322 sheey 4A, family #75
Lindsay, Ephram, head, md, age 47, md 26 years, born Utah, father born Canada, mother born Indiana, salesman Real Estate
Lindsa, Mary E, wife, md, age 39, md 26 years, born Iowa, father born US, mother born Iowa
Lindsay, Edwin A, son, age 15, born Idaho
Lindsay, Mary E, daur, age 13, born Idaho
Lindsay, David H, son, age 10, born Idaho
Lindsay, Lydia V, daur, age 8, born Canada
Lindsay, Viona R, daur, age 2, born Wyoming
Lindsay, Ephram B, son, age 22, md 1 year, born Idaho, farm laborer
Lindsay, Camelle, daur-in-law, age 20, md 1 year, born Idaho, both parents born Utah

1920 Census of Milford, Star precinct, Beaver, Utah. ED 6 sheet 3A; family #52 Stoddard St.
Lindsay, Ephraim B, head, md, age 32, born Idaho, mechanic at a garage
Lindsay, Roma, wife, age 21, born Utah
Lindsay, Barton, son, age 1yr. 5mo., born Utah
Lindsay, Beth, daur, age 1 yr. 5 mo., born Utah
1930 Census of Atolia, San Bernardino, California, ED 36-2; Sheet 2-A; family# 48
Lindsay, Ephriam, head, md, age 41, age 28 at first marriage, millman at mines, born Idaho
Lindsay, Roma L, wife, age 31, md, age 18 at first marriage, postmaster at Red. Mt. P.O., (all remaining members of household born Utah) both of her parents born Tennessee
Lindsay, Beth, daur, age 11
Lindsay, Barton, son, age 11
Lindsay, Richard L, son, age 9
Lindsay, Alvin T, son, age 7
Lindsay, Roy B, son, age 5
Lindsay, Mary C, daur, age 3 yrs and 2 mo.

MILITARY: World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 ; card #206
Name: Ephraim Barton Lindsay
County: Milford, Beaver, Utah
Birth : 5 Jan 1888, Bennington, Idaho
Race: Caucasian (White)
FHL Roll Number: 1983881
DraftBoard: 0
Age: 29 Occupation: Miner, employed by Majestic Mining Co., Milford
Single, claims no exemption
Height/Build: Medium tall, slender build ; Color of Eyes blue/Hair: Brown
Signature: Signed Ephraim Barton Lindsay

DEATH: Washington Death Index, 1940-1996
Name: Ephraim B Lindsay
Date of Death: 20 Oct 1970
Place of Death: Snohomish
Residence: Snohomish
Gender: Male
Certificate: 024101
Social Security Death Index
Ephraim Lindsay
Last Residence 9820 Snohomish
Born 5 Jan 1888
Died Oct 19970
Soc. Sec card issued Nevada before 1951

Children born to Ephraim Barton Lindsay and Camille Grant:
          #1)-- Cleo Forrest Lindsay, born 20 April 1908, Union, Union, Oregon; died 22 Nov 1910 in Nyssa, Malheur Co., Oregon.  I still have some discomfort with this data!  He was listed on my inherited records (and in the Church's website newFamilySearch) just as Cleo Forrest.  I have no offical birth record for this child so am unsure if the baby is Ephraim Lindsay's child or if Forrest is a surname (and therefore the child of someone else).  There is no baby enumerated with Ephraim and Camille in the 1910 Census which was taken in April of 1910.  If the baby didn't die until November of that year then shouldn't Cleo have been listed in the enumeration??  Is the year of death wrong?  The Neie family tree on states that this child died of burns from a residential hotel fire.
I am seeking more information and will change this blog post accordingly.  He is not listed in the Oregon death index on either as Cleo Forrest or Cleo Lindsay or Lindsey.

          #2) -- Javon Camille (Lindsay )Grant, born 24 October 1910, Nyssa, Malheur Co., Oregon;  died 15 September 1974 in Ft. Walton Beach, Okaloosa, Florida.  Buried in Barrancas National Cementery, Pensacola, Escambia Co., Florida.  Javon married Lt. Rueben "Rube" William Neie on 27 November 1943 in Ripley, Lauderdale, Tennessee. Reuben was born 15 August 1917 in Cranfils Gap, Bosque Co., Texas.  He died 22 June 2004 in Ft. Walton Beach, Okaloosa, Florida and is also buried in Barrancas National Cemetery.  Javon and Rube are the parents of 5 children (including one stillborn child):  Grant, Terrie Ann (born and died 7 Aug 1947 in Pocatello, Idaho), Van Roy and Lee Ann.

Neie family tree on states that Javon was adopted in 1918 by RM Grant in Multnomah, Oregon and that she had her first date with Lt. Rube Neie on 26 Nov 1942 in Pocatello, Idaho. It says that Javon was known as "Pat"..............
DEATH & BURIAL: (no headstone photo as of 2011)
Javon Camille Neie
Birth: Oct 24, 1910
Death: Sept 15, 1974
PFC, US Army
Burial: Barrancas National Cemetery, Pensacola, Escambia Co., Florida
Plot: 36, 0, 1197
findagrave memorial #1027775

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
Name: Javon Camille Neie
Service Info.: LT COL US AIR FORCE
Birth Date: 24 Oct 1910
Death Date: 15 Sep 1974
Relation: Wife of Neie, Reuben William
Interment Date: 17 Sep 1974
Cemetery: Barrancas National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: Naval Air Station, 80 Hovey Road Pensacola, FL 32508
Buried At: Section 36 Site 1197
(Same information given on the Social Security Death Index)

Reuben's parents are Otto Carl Neie 1886-1995) and Lydia Mae Blum (1896-1985). There are photos of them and more generations on the Neie family tree submitted to
MILITARY: 1941-1970 US Air Force, Lt. Coll (Ret.), Command Pilot

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Name: Reuben W. Neie
SSN: 450-26-2467
Last Residence: 32547 Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa, Florida, USA
Born: 15 Aug 1917
Died: 22 Jun 2004
State (Year) SSN issued: Texas (Before 1951)

BURIAL: U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
Name: Reuben W Neie
Birth Date: 15 Aug 1917
Death Date: 22 Jun 2004
Service Start Date: 5 Aug 1947
Interment Date: 28 Jun 2004
Cemetery: Barrancas National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: Naval Air Station, 80 Hovey Road Pensacola, FL 32508
Buried At: Section 36 Site 1197

Rube with his son Grant, 1968  Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.   This is one dedicated military family!!

Child #7 -- Hosea Van Noy Davis, born 19 Dec 1892, Avon, Cache, Utah; died 4 July 1949; death place and burial place unknown - probably New York.  Married Ella May Monahan on 26 April 1919 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York .  Ella May was born in 1890 in St. James, Long Island, New York.   If the entry I have for her is correct on the Social Sec. Death Index then she died April 1975 in New York., using the name Monahan.  They are listed as having one child, Edward V. Davis, born abt. 1924.

Suffolk Co. New York Marriages, vol. 2 p. 505 #7515 (S.L. film # 1,955,311) 7-27-2004
Groom: Hosea Vannoy Davis, white, age 26, first marriage
residence: Burley
occupation: U.S. Navy
birthplace: Avon, Utah
Father: Abraham P Davis, born U.S.
Mother: Charlotte Vannoy, born U.S.
Bride: Ella May Monahan, white, age 29, 1st marriage
Residence: Huntington Sation, N.Y.
born St. James, L.I. (Long Island?)
Father: Wm H. Monahan,b orn Canada
Mother: Ella Frances Sullivan, born U.S.
Date of license: 26 Apr 1919; Date of marriage: 26 Apr 1919, Huntington by Paul H. Pallmayer, clergyman
Witnesses: Mrs. Rose Bennett; Hugh P. Arthur

CENSUS: 1920 Census of Huntington Station, Suffolk Co., New York. taken 12 Jan 1920, ED #113 Sheet 935 (1A)
Davis, Hosea V, head, renting, age 26, md, plumber (or lumber) he and both parents born Utah
Davis, Ella M, wife, age 30, md, housewife. born New York, father born Canada, mother born Mass.

1930 Census of Smithtown twp, (Head of the Harbor Village), Suffolk Co., New York ED52-104 p. 13 lines 40-42, North Center Rd.
Davis, Hosea V, head, male, white, age 37, md, age 27 at first marriage, Prop. of Grocery store, born Utah, father born Wales, mother born Utah; owns his home
Davis, Ella M, wife, female, white, age 50, md. age 30 at first marriage, born New York, father born French Canada, mother born Massachusetts
Davis, Edward V, son, male, white, age 6,<1924> single, born New York, father born Utah, mother born N.Y.
Monahan, William H, age 37 <1893> brother in law, born New York

MILITARY: Marriage record says he was serving in the Navy when he got married
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Hosea Vannoy Davis
County: Cassia
State: Idaho
Birthplace: Utah;United States of America
Birth Date: 19 Dec 1892, age 24, born Cache Co Utah, single
Race: Caucasian (White)
Did not seek an exemption; no one depending on him for sustenance
FHL Roll Number: 1452213, June 5, 1917
DraftBoard: 0
Occupation: Gnrl forman Amalgamated Sugar Factory, Burley, Idaho
Height/Build: tall, stout
Color of Eyes/Hair: blue, brown
Signature: Signed Hosea Van noy Davis

BURIAL: He is not listed in a Veterans Cemetery
There are entries for a Hosea Davis buried in Provo but the dates are wrong and the name is Hosea L. Davis
[In fact, did you ever dream that the name Hosea seems to be VERY common, for both whites and blacks!! ]
Ella Monahan
In the 1920 census gives age as 30; 1930 census gives age 40. Both show New York as birthplace
DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Ella Monahan born 29 Sept 1890; died Apr 1975
death localities; North, Westchester, New York, Yonkers, Westchester, NY
Soc. Sec card 107-26-0266 issued NY
      If anyone can give us more detail on this family it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Child #8--Harold Van Noy Davis, born 23 April 1894 in Avon, Cache, Utah;  Died 24 June 1965 in Salt Lake City, Utah;  buried 28 June 1965 in Sunset Lawn Cemetery.  Harold md. 1) Iva Irene Connors, 4 Jan 1912. They had 5 or 6 children depending on which records you believe.  They later divorced (after 1920);  He married 2) Grace Downard exact date & place unknown. They had one son and also divorced.  He married 3) Erma Leone George on  20 Nov 1936.  Erma died the following March 18th 1937.  Harold married #4) Ermina Elizabeth Murdock on either 2 July or 2 March 1938 in Reno, Washoe Co., Nevada.  They had one son, Kent <living>.
Family records kept by Erma M. Davis 641 Revolta Circle Dr. Mesa AZ 85201

CENSUS: 1920 Census, Brigham City, Box Elder Co. 1st West St. House # 426

Harold Van Noy Davis and wife Iva Irene Connors:
Iva Irene was born the 6th or the 26th of February, Mammoth, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  She died 3 Feb 1982 - last known address Deming, New Mexico.  Harold and Irene divorced some time after 1920.
DEATH:Social Security Death Indez ( Idaho Death Index, 1911-51
Name: Davis, Wm Arnold
Year: 1916
Certificate Number: 015689
County of Death: Cassia
City: Burley
Date of Death: 8 Oct 1916
Date of Birth: 8 Oct 1915
(as of 8/2011 not listed in

        Harold & Iva's child #1 - Rhoda  ?.  [very uncertain about this child]
      She is listed in the 1920 Census.  Name is smudged.  Looks more like Rhodom or Rhordarm.  listed as age 8  (making her born the same year her parents married - if she is indeed Harold's child and not just Iva's.  She has no death certificate in the Utah Death Certificate archives.   I have no other information about her. 

          Harold & Iva's child #2 - Melvin Harold Davis, was born 18 Jan 1914 in Burley, Cassia Co., Idaho.  He married #1)Emily Lucille Geisdorff (known as Lucille) on 4 Nov. 1935.  He married #2  Venice Ann Demler [date unknown]. Melvin married #3 Lois Lavon Rankin sometime before 1942.   Melvin married #4  Delpha Blanchfield in Cheyenne, Wyoming, June 11, 1946.  He had one son with Delpha, Clarence whom I assume is still living.  Melvin (or Malvin as he is sometimes shown - but also known as "Mickey" died 6 August 1948 in a truck rollover accident 7 miles east of Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming. At the time of his death he was a Salt Lake City resident.  He is buried in Sunset Lawn Cemetery in Salt Lake City.
[GREAT appreciation goes out to Hallie Richards, a granddaughter who has given me information I did not have.  As we correspond I will update this entry!

Melvin:  from
MILITARY: Utah, Military Records, 1861-1970  
Name: Melvin Harold Davis, serial #39826546, Army T/Sg
Service:  Commissioned April 4, 1942, SLC, Utah
Termination of Service May 19, 1945 Fort Douglas, Utah
Birth Date: 18 Jan 1913, Burley, Idaho
Father: Harold Van-noy Davis, 4680 So. State, Murray, Utah
Mother: Ivie Irene Davis
Nearest Kin: (wife) Lois Lavon Rankin Davis, 205 Bradford, Pueblo,Colorado
Age: 29
Military History:  (Image 1157)
   Biog:  Came to SLC when a child and attended public schools here.  Grad. from Carbon high school, Price, and later returned to SLC.  Drove truck Pac. Fruit Expr. & Ariz. Pac. Co.  Survivors:  2 brothers in armed forces, Tech. Sgt. Wilford Z., whereabouts unknown, and Staff Sgt. howard V., with army engineers in New Guinea. 
     Assigned to overseas duty in Aug. 1942 and is credited with 3 enemy planes shot down and 3 probables.  After 3 months preliminary training was sent to European theater of war.  Bombardier on Flying Fortress.  Member of 50 Bom. Squd. 44thGroup.  Trained Davis Monsen Field, Tucson, Ariz;  Wendover Field, Wendover, Utah
(Image 1156)
Davis, Melvin H, T/Sgt.  Army A.C.    WOUNDED   DIED
   Born:  Jan. 18, 1914, Burley, Ida.  (In Ut. since small boy)
   Mother:  Mrs. Irene Davis, 760 6th E., SLC
   Father:  blank
   Divorced before entering army
Enlisted May 1942 (Trib 1-27-44)
Awarded DFC, Air Medal 2/3  OLC: Purple Heart
Wounded in Air Raid Over Occupied Europe (Trib. 1-27-44)
Reported: 2-11-44
DIED  Reported 11-4-50

BURIAL:  (Photo of headstone sent to me by granddaughter, Hallie Richards, July 2013)
Sunset Garden, Salt Lake City, Utah

Harold and Emily Lucille Geisdorf:
MARRIAGE:   Western States Marriage Index: 
Details For Marriage ID#488008
Groom Last Name: DAVIS
Groom First Name: Melvin Harold (21)  [<1914>]
Groom Residence: Richfield, Sevier, Utah
Bride Last Name: GEISDORFF
Bride First Name: Emily Lucille (17)  [<1928> This I believe is incorrect since she is listed in all other sources as having been born in 1918]
Bride Residence: Richfield, Sevier, Utah
Place: Richfield, Sevier, Utah
Date: 04 Nov 1935
County of Record: Sevier      State: Utah
Volume: D  Page: 231  Certificate # 2201

Emily Lucille was born 23 May 1918 in Fort Duchesne, Uintah Co., Utah.  She died 15 July 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah and is buried in Bountiful Memorial Park, Davis Co., Utah

See   allenFamily Tree owner lauracharter
which has several photos of her.

Parents:  Fredrick A. Geisdorff 1898-1918 & Margaret Emily Jackson, 1893-1975
Her spouses are: George Lynn Allen (1912-1984) with whom she had 4 children, one child of which was born 24 July 1949  [thus giving a marriage date before that year]  and husband Rue Bertelsen Dalley (1918-1983) - no children and to Melvin Harold Davis, with a son Robert Davis (1937-2002)

U.S. Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection
Emily Lucille Dalley
Obituary: Emily Lucille (Allen) Dalley
 Name: Emily Lucille Dalley
Gender: Female
Age at Death: 94
Date of Birth: 23 May 1918
Birth Place: Fort Duchesne, Utah, USA
Date of Death: 15 Jul 2012
Source Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Children: Robert M. Davis, Fredrick A. Allen, Terry L. Allen, P. Kirk Allen, Jon O. Allen, Margaret Allen Millom, Carlyle Dalley, Cardon Dalley, Rodney Dalley and Deborah Dalley White
Parents: Frederick Anthony Geisdorff
[Margaret Emily Jackson] 
Brothers and Sisters: Mortuary
Lucille Allen Dalley
1918 ~ 2004 
Lucille  - writing across her photo indicates this was taken in Richfield

     Melvin & Emily Lucille had a son:  Robert M. Davis.  He was born 19 Jan 1937 in Richfield, Sevier Co., Utah.  He married Gwen ___ in 1973 in Las Vegas, NV, but was later divorced <ex wife still living>.  Bob "Buck" Davis died 15 Mar. 2002 in Price, Carbon Co., Utah from complications of pneumonia.  He was buried 21 Mar 2002 in Orangeville, Emery Co., Utah

This photo is labeled "Robert & Kirk" on the website
Kirk would be Kirk Allen, his half brother

Orangeville Cemetery,  Emery Co., Utah

Melvin and Venice Ann Demler:  [I as yet have no information on the date of their marriage or of their divorce]

Her parents are Ernest Oswald Demler and Clara Franziska Wendrick

RESIDENCES:  She is listed in the Logan City Directory, 1935  (Providence listing)  as Venice Demler
As Venice A Milito:   5710 S 2800 W, Roy, UT, 84067-1108 (1987)
[724 W 4250 S, Ogden, UT, 84405-3405 (1993)]

CENSUS:  CENSUS:  1940 Census of Providence, Cache Co., Utah
Vistation No. 11, Demler, Francis, [indexed erroneously as Denler] owned home valued at 1500.  Not a farm, Head, Female, White , age 57, widow, completed 8th grade.  Born Germany.  Naturalized citizen, Same house in 1935.
Demler, Dorothy, daughter, age 19, single, completed 5th grade, born Utah
Demler, Clyde, son, [race listed as N - Negro], age 17, single, completed High School 3 yrs, born Utah
Pastel, Jack, Lodger, age 52, single, born Utah, 8th grade, brick wheeler in building trade
Davis, Venice, [marked as the census informant], Lodger, age 22 Md [though the M is crossed through and code 7 is listed].  completed 3 yrs. High School, born Utah.  not employed
Davis, Harrold Van, grand-son, age 1 single, born Utah
Demler, Betty Gene, grand-daughter, age 9, single, second grade student, born Utah
Davis, Harrold Van (was on line 55 so suplementary questions were asked of him) father and mother both born Utah, English, not a veteran
[NOTE:There is no mention of Melvin, even though instructions to census takers are that if the person is usually at this residence he should be noted.  I notice her code for married is crossed through and reference with the Number 7 - another census code]

DEATH: (with photo of headstone;  also
Vinice Ann Demler Milito [how it is titled, but plaque clearly says Venice]
Birth: Feb. 8, 1918  Providence, Cache County, Utah, USA
Death: Jul. 9, 1942, USA
 Family links:
  Arthur Milito (1920 - 1989)
Lindquists Washington Heights Memorial Park, South Ogden,Weber County, Utah, USA
 Created by: Allen Sorensen
Record added: Oct 13, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 43051571
      [I am still in the process of collecting information on this union.  Because I have heard from a granddaughter I know (as of July 11, 2013) that there was at least one son from this marriage.   Stay tuned!]

Melvin and wife Lois Lavon Rankin.  
Found the following on  
Iowa Births & Christenings, 1857-1947.   [ I AM UNSURE IF IS THIS THE LOIS LAVON RANKIN THAT LATER MARRIED MELVIN HAROLD DAVIS.... and I have no further information on Lois.  I presume she remarried.   Can any descendants help??]

Name: Lois Lavon Rankin 
Birth Date:  Jul 1921
Birth Place:  Emmet Co, Armstrong Grove Twp, Iowa
Father's Name: Lee Rankin
Mother's Name: Dorothy Denison
FHL Film Number: 1255706

     Melvin & Lois had at least one child: [Remember from Melvin's Military record above that it states he was divorced before he entered the army.... so I am unsure of their status when this child was conceived]   Terrance Lyn Davis.  He was born 20 Nov. 1947 in Denver, Denver Co., Colorado.  He died at age 29 on 28 Feb 1976 in Salt Lake City.  [I have no further information on him, i.e. place of burial, cause of death or if he was married at the the time of death]

     Melvin & Delpha:  [All that is known of this marriage is what is stated in the above obituary:  That Melvin and Delpha were married in Cheyenne, Wyoming, June 11, 1946 and that they have a son.   Because both Delpha and her son are probably still living I do not know what more information we can learn at his point.]

          Harold & Iva's child #3) -- Wilford Zudell Davis, born 30 July 1917, Burley, Cassia, Idaho; died 18 Mar 1974 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., Texas; buried there also.  Zudell married first Lydia Rhodessa Glade Hill, I have no information about the date or place of this marriage or when it ended nor do I have any personal data about the birth or possible death of this woman. Because she is referred to Glade Hill Davis in one record I am not sure if I have just listed two different women or if one woman really has all three given names.   Descendants help!!
      Zudell apparently had one or two more marriages, but I have no information about those either. 
There were three children with Glade Hill:  a)Billie Larue Davis, born 22 Sept 1940 in Provo; died 20 Oct 1961 in Riverside, Riverside, Calif;  buried 26 Oct 1961 in Carlin, Elko, Nevada;    b) Robert Reed Davis born 14 Sep 1942 in Provo, Utah;  died 1 Jun 1997 in Yamhill Co. Oregon and is buried 5 June 1997 in Willamette Natl. Cemetery, Portland, Oregon
DEATH: Oregon Death Index 1903-1998
Davis, Robert Reed
Died 1 Jun 1997, Yamhill Co., Oregon, age 54
Birth Date: 14 Sept 1942
Spouse: Elizab
Certificate #97-12441
BURIAL: U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 (
Name: Robert Reed Davis
Birth Date: 14 Sep 1942
Death Date: 1 Jun 1997
Service Start Date: 13 Jul 1966
Interment Date: 5 Jun 1997
Cemetery: Willamette National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 11800 SE MT. Scott Boulevard Portland, OR 97266
Buried At: Section 2 Site 1816 (no photo of headstone)
Robert Reed Davis
Birth: Sept 14, 1942 Death: Jun. 1, 1997
Burial: Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Plot: 2,0, 1816
findagrave memorial #562527


and third child c)  Norma Rose Lee <assumed still living; no information on her>

          #4 -- Bert Davis, born 8 April 1918 in either Burley, Idaho or Ogden, Utah;  died either the same day or 18 April 1918.  No place of death or burial given.

          #5 -- Howard Van Noy Davis, born 8 Aug 1920, North Ogden, Weber, Utah;  died Jan 1983 in Henry Co., Indiana.  Howard married Irene Hooker 4 Nov 1941, place unknown to me.  Irene was born 24 Jun 1920, Pine Bluff, Jefferson Arkansas.  Died 5 May 2004 in Red Bluff, California.  Buried 8 May 2004 in the Hooker Cemetery, Hooker, Arkansas.  Howard and Irene had three children Thomas Howard, Harold Randolph and Judith Irene  <all living>.
Howard Van Noy Davis
CENSUS: He is not in the 1920 Census because it was taken in January before he was born
1930 Census of Sacramento, Sacramento, California
listed in a column of lodgers, called transients; no other family members on same page with him
Davis, Howard V, male, white, age 9, born Utah
MILITARY: Utah, Military Records, 1861-1970
Name: Howard V Davis Ser. # 6960585
Address: 822 East 6th So. SLC
Birth: 8 Aug 1920, Ogden, Utah
Father: Harold V Davis, same address
Mother: Mrs. Irene Davis , Los Angeles, California
Wife: Irene Davis, 822 East 6th So.
Age: 25
Enlisted June 13,1945 at Phoenix, Arizona, Loc. Bd. No. 15
Discharged: July 3, 1945 at Ft. Douglas, Utah
Service: Army T/Sgt.

Irene Hooker
Her parents are Jesse Guy Hooker and Florence Arnold

OBITUARY: (extract in's Obituary Collection) Newspaper: Pine Bluff Commercial, Pine Bluff AR, obit published June 24, 2004.
Deceased: Irene Hooker Davis
age at death: 83, born June 24 1920
death date: May 5 2004
Obituary: Pine Bluff Commercial
Irene DAVIS June 24 1920 - May 5, 2004
Red Bluff, Calif. - Irene Hooker Davis, 83, of Red Bluff, Calif., died May 5 at her home. She was born June 24, 1920 at Hooker, Arkansas, a daughter of the late Jessie Guy Hooker and Florence Arnold Hooker.
She graduated from Pine Bluff High School in 1938. She was preceded in death by three brothers: J.G. Hooker, Jr., Thomas Hooker and John A. Hooker; and one sister, Lucille Hooker Tucker.
Survivors include her husband, Howard V. Davis, {Hmm!!!  I have Howard dying in 1983!! ] two sons, Thomas Davis of Albuquerque, N.M. and Harold Davis of Red Bluff; one daughter, Judy Davis of Red Bluff; one brother, Jimmy Hooker of Hooker; one sister, Carolyn Hooker Patton of Mobile, Ala; eight grandchildren; and six great grandchildren. Grdaveside services will be at 3 p.m. Saturday in Hooker Cemetery with the Rev. James Coon officiating. The body was cremated. Visitation will be in the fellowship hall of Shell Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Hooker.

Harold Van Noy Davis and wife Grace Cornelia Downard:
Grace was born 8 Oct 1898 in Price, Carbon Co., Utah;  She died 21 Mar 1985 in Price and is buried in the cemetery there: Price City Cem (old) 1-A-044-8. She is buried near her parents George Frederick and Brighamine Toldena Kofford Downard.

Harold Van Noy Davis and Grace Downard had one child:  Robert Van Noy Davis.  He was born 29 Jun 1927 in Salt Lake City;  He & his daughter Kathryn died 18 May 1969 near Flagstaff, Coconino Co., Arizona in a car accident.  He was buried 24 May 1969 in Salem, Cache Co., Utah
MILITARY: Utah, Military Records, 1861-1970
Name: Robert Van Noy Davis, Serial # 6611152, Navy
Birth: 29 Jun 1927, Salt Lake City
Mother: Grace D Davis,109 W. 1st So. Provo, Utah
Father: Divorced
Age:18 Single
Military Service Year: Enlisted 6-28-1945
Personal knowledge Robert V. Davis 185 S. 5th W. Logan, Utah 84321
DEATH: Obituary Salt Lake Tribune, Friday May 23, 1969 p. 8-B
Logan - Joint graveside services for Robert V. Davis, 41, and his daughter Kathryn Davis, 15, who died May 18 of injuries suffered in an automobile accident near Flagstaff, Ariz., will be Saturday noon, Salem Cemetery.
Robert was born June 29, 1927, Salt Lake City to Harold V. and Grace Downard Davis. Married Joy Brown Johnson Aug. 25, 1950, Spanish Fork solemnized Logan LDS Temple. Former employee Utah Valley Hospital, USU lab technician, Veterinary Science Dept. Member LDS Church.
Kathryn was born Sept. 13, 1953, Provo, to Robert V. and Joy Johnson Davis. Student, Logan High school. Member LDS Church.
Mr. Davis survivors: widow; sons, daughters, Michael, Arthur, Patricia, Alice - all Logan; mother, Logan. Surviving Kathryn, in addition to above, are grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brown, Chicago."
BURIAL: Salem City Cem, Block 98, Lot 4

Harold Van Noy Davis and wife Erma Leone George:
   Erma was born 20 Sep 1903, Woodland, Summit Co., Utah.  She
and Howard were married 20 Nov 1936.  Erma died the following March 18th 1937 in Salt Lake City.  She was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery on 21 Mar 1937.    There were no children born to this marriage

Name: Iva Davis
SSN: 526-10-2570
Last Residence: 88030 Deming, Luna, New Mexico, U.S.
Born: 26 Feb 1892
Died: Feb 1982
State (Year) SSN issued: Arizona (Before 1951)

    This couple had 5 children, maybe 6 if you count the one mentioned above in the 1920 Census.
          #1) Melvin Harold Davis, born 18 Jan 1914, Burley, Cassia Co., Idaho;  died 6 Aug1948 place unknown.  He married Lois Lavon Rankin and they have at least one child I know of who is deceased:  Terrance Lyn Davis, born 20 Nov 1947, Denver;  Died 28 Feb 1976 in Salt Lake City.
MILITARY: Utah, Military Records, 1861-1970
Name: Melvin Harold Davis, serial #39826546, Army T/Sg
Service: Commissioned April 4, 1942, SLC, Utah
Termination of Service May 19, 1945 Fort Douglas, Utah
Birth Date: 18 Jan 1913, Burley, Idaho
Father: Harold Van-noy Davis, 4680 So. State, Murray, Utah
Mother: Ivie Irene Davis
Nearest Kin: (wife) Lois Lavon Rankin Davis, 205 Bradford, Pueblo,Colorado
Age: 29
Military History: (Image 1157)
Biog: Came to SLC when a child and attended public schools here. Grad. from Carbon high school, Price, and later returned to SLC. Drove truck Pac. Fruit Expr. & Ariz. Pac. Co. Survivors: 2 brothers in armed forces, Tech. Sgt. Wilford Z., whereabouts unknown, and Staff Sgt. howard V., with army engineers in New Guinea.
Assigned to overseas duty in Aug. 1942 and is credited with 3 enemy planes shot down and 3 probables. After 3 months preliminary training was sent to European theataer of war. Bombardier on Flying Fortress. Member of 50 Bom. Squd. 44thGroup. Trained Davis Monsen Field, Tucson, Ariz; Wendover Field, Wendover, Utah
(Image 1156)
Davis, Melvin H, T/Sgt. Army A.C. WOUNDED DIED
Born: Jan. 18, 1914, Burley, Ida. (In Ut. since small boy
Mother: Mrs. Irene Davis, 760 6th E., SLC
Father: blank
Divorced before entering army
Enlisted May 1942 (Trib 1-27-44)
Awarded DFC, Air Medal 2/3 OLC: Purple Heart
Wounded in Air Raid Over Occupied Europe (Trib. 1-27-44)
Reported: 2-11-44
DIED; Reported 11-4-50

          #2) -- William Arnold Davis, born 8 Oct. 1915 in Burley, Cassia, Idaho.  Died 8 Oct 1916

Davis, Harold V, head, age 25, md, born Utah, Father born Utah, Mother born Pennsylvania
Davis, Iva, wife, age 27, md, she and both parents born Pennsylvania
Davis, Rhoda or Rhodarm or Rhodean, daughter, age 8, single, born Idaho   Davis, Melvin, son, age 6, born Idaho
[NOTE: This "child" has been a great mystery. The name is smudged and has been interpreted several ways by several people. I have been unable to find any reference to a birth or death of any of the possible variations. Suddenly, however on Aug. 1, 2011 I noticed that Harold Van Noy's son Wilford Zudell Davis married someone whose name is given on my inherited family group sheet as Lydia Rhodessa Glade Hill !! Census takers are notorious for not getting the information 100% right. Could Rhodessa have been being cared for in the home of the Davises when she was just a child and later when she grew ended up marrying the son????  

Davis, Zuedell, son, age 3 6/12, born Idaho
[son Howard was born that same year, but AFTER the census was taken]

1930 Census of Price, Carbon Co., Utah Prec. 16, p. 103 taken Apr 15, 1930; W. 2nd North St. House no. 135 Line 20, dwelling 92
Davis, Harold, head, Male, white, age 36, md, age at first marriage: 17, he and both parents born Utah
Davis, Grace, wife, female, white, age 37, md. age at first marriage: 28, born Utah, father born Engl., mother born Den.
Davis, Melvin, son, male, white, age 17, single, born Idaho, mother born PA
Davis, Zudell, son, male, white, age 13, single, born Idaho, mother born PA
Davis, Robert, son, male, white, age 2, he and both parents born Utah
[NOTE: Melvin and Zudell are his sons with Iva; Robert is his son with Grace]

MILITARY: World War I Draft Registration Cards,
Name: Harold Van Noy Davis
County: Burley Precinct Cassia Co., Idaho June 5, 1917
Birthplace: Utah;United States of America
Birth Date: 23 Apr 1894, age 23, born Richmond, Utah
Race: Caucasian (White)
Has a wife and 3 children dependent on him
FHL Roll Number: 1452213
DraftBoard: 0
Occupation: Machinist with Idaho Vulcaniza. & Battery, Burley, Idaho
Height/Build: medium/medium
Color of Eyes/Hair: Lt.brown/Lt. brown
Signature: Signed it Harold Van Noy Davis

OBITUARY: (Salt Lake Tribune, Friday, 25 June 1965, p.C-11. See transcription below)
     Harold Van Noy Davis, 71, Mesa, Ariz., a former Utah state representative and retired Murray businessman, died of a heart ailment early Thursday morning at the home of a sister in Salt Lake City.
Mr. Davis served two terms as state representative, beginning in 1952. He represented the 6th and 16th Legislative Districts of Salt Lake County.
     In 1939 he opened Murray Motors and operated that firm until he retired in 1950.
     After his retirement he spent several years running an Aberdeen Angus cattle ranch in the Big Hole country of Montana.
     Mr. Davis was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the High Priests Quorum presidency of the East Jordan Stake for many years.
     Mr. Davis was born April 23, 1894, Avon, Cache County, to Abraham Peter and Charlotte Van Noy Davis.
     He married Erma E. Murdock July 2, 1938, in Reno, Nev. The marriage later was solemnized in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.
     Survivors include his widow; four sons, Wilford Z., Butte, Mont; Howard V., Tempe, Ariz; Robert V., Logan; Kent M., Mesa 18 grandchildren 2 great-grandchildren and 4 sisters, Mrs. Agnes C. Campbell, Mrs. Electe E. Horne, Mrs. Ada D. Alder and Mrs. Camille D. Grant, all of Salt Lake City.
     Funeral services will be conducted Monday at noon at 36 E. 7th South, where friends may call Sunday 6 to 8 p.m. and Monday, prior to the service. Burial will be in Sunset Lawn Memorial Park.
[NOTE: In the Obituary Daily Times section at there is a listing of a Harold Vannoy Davis, age 94 dying 11-16 1998 <making birth be1904> . In the Contra Costa Times. Places mentioned: Houston, TX, Walnut Creek CA; Contra Costa]
     On in May of 2004 there was a stream of messages born between Kathy McVeigh 1495 1st St. Norco, CA 92860 and Val Dalton Dunn ( giving some confusing data: Kathy states: "Looking at y notes my dad said that a Doris, daughter of Harold and Iva died in Utah in the 1980's, Howard Davis lives in Red Bluff, CA and Michael (called Mickey) died in the Second World War." Hmm. No Doris listed in my records. Harold and Iva were not married until 1912 so there is a confusion of names here. Who is Michael?]

          #3 & #4 Twins Ephraim Davis Lindsay and William Jack Lindsay, born and died in Nyssa, Malheur Co., Oregon,on 2 March 1912, (born prematurely.) 

Harold Van Noy Davis and wife Ermina (or Erma or Erminnie) Elizabeth Murdock:
     Erma was born 6 Oct 1896 in Lehi, Utah Co, Utah.  She died 4 Jan 1993 in Fruit Heights, Davis Co., Utah.  She is buried in Salt Lake City.  They married 2Mar or 2 July 1938 in Reno, Washoe Co., Nevada.
Her parents are Nelson Murdock and Elizabeth Lavina Averett.
CENSUS: 1900 U.S. Census of Heber City, Wasatch, Utah, ED 171 Sheet 9 B; Family # 162
Murdock, Nelson, head, md 5 years, age 31, born Oct 1868, day laborer, born Utah, father born New York, Mother born Scotland
Murdock, E. Lavina, wife, md 5 yrs., age 32, born Nov. 1867, mother of 4 children, 4 living, born Utah, father born Illinois, mother born England
Murdock, Averett, son, age 5, born Dec 1894, Utah
Murdock, Erminnie, daur, age 3, born Oct 1896, Utah
Murdock, Clive, son, age 2, born April 1897, Utah,,
Murdock, Hunter, son, age 1 month, born April 1900, Utah

1910 & 1920 enumerated with her family in Heber; her mother is a widow.
Harold and Erma had one child together:  Kent Murdock Davis <living>

Child #9 -- Leslie Van Noy Davis, born 20 July 1896, Downey, Bannock Co., Idaho
Died 3 Feb 1945 in Denver, Denver Co.,Colorado. Buried in Wasatch Lawn Cemetery, Salt Lake City.
Leslie never married (I think).  He lists a Mrs. Jessie Davis in Lewiston, Idaho on one of his military records as someone who will always know his address.  Who is that?  Perhaps a wife?

CENSUS: 1910 Census of Union, Union, Oregon, 1 pct. Roll 1290 p. 174Bline 100
Davis, Leslie V, age 13 <1896>, born Idaho, white, Male, both parents born Utah
[Leslie is listed as a ward of Charles W. and Rebecca E. Weatherslow or Weathersbon, ages 51 & 48 along with their adopted daughter Bertha E, age 19. Leslie's mother died when he was only 9.]
1920 Census of Butte, Silver Bow Co., Montana taken Jan 1920. ED220, Prec. 37, sheet 8B; Utah Ave. House # 99
Davis, Leslie V, roomer, male, white, age 23, single, car inspector, railway; he & father born Idaho, mother born Utah
l930 Census of Missoula, Missoula, Montana (, line no. 77; Main St.
Davis, Leslie V, Lodger in the home of Roger J. Flemming, male, white, age 33, single, salesman, born Idaho, parents both born Utah

MILITARY: World War I; Draft Regis # 22 "A" 741
Name: Leslie Van Noy Davis
Address: 1041 Hollywood Ave, Salt Lake City County: Salt Lake City, Utah
Birthplace: Downey, Idaho;United States of America
Birth Date: 20 Jul 1896
Race: Caucasian (White)
FHL Roll Number: 1983911 DraftBoard: 1
Age: 20
Occupation: Car Repairman employed by Oregon Short Line RR, SLCity
No Relative dependent on him for support; Single

Did not claim exemption
Height/Build: Medium; slim
Color of Eyes/Hair: both brown; not bald
Signature: Signed Leslie V. Davis

World War II Draft Registration
Name: Leslie Vannoy Davis
Birth Date: 20 Jul 1896
Birth Place: Downey, Idaho
Residence: Flannigan Blk. mailing address care of Washington Water Power Co.
Grangeville, Idaho
Race: White
Age: 45
Name of person who will always know address: Mrs. Jessie Davis, 730 11th St., Lewiston, Idaho.
Signature: signed Leslie VanNoy Davis

DEATH: Obituary Salt Lake Tribune - Tuesday, 6 Feb 1945, p. 19
" LESLIE V. DAVIS - Leslie v. Davis, 48, World War I veteran and former Salt Lake resident, died in Denver Monday. He was born July 26, 1896, a son of Abraham P. and Charlotte Van Noy Davis, in Downey, Ida.
He was a salesman with the Plasticote Co. of Los Angeles, with headquarters in Denver. He is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Harold V. and William A. Davis, and Mrs. Ada Alder, Salt Lake City; Vernon N. Davis, Price; Hosea B Davis, New York City; Mrs. Electa Dalton, Los Angeles; Mrs. Agnes Campbell, Boise, and Mrs. Camille Grant, Pocatello." [Obit contains a photo]
BURIAL: Funeral notice, Salt Lake Tribune, Thurs, Feb 8, 1945, p. 17
"LESLIE V. DAVIS - Funeral services for Leslie V. Davis, 48, World War I veteran, who died Monday in Denver, will be conducted Friday at 1 p.m. at 2350 E. 13th South by Preston Heiner, member of the First LDS ward bishopric.
Friends may call at the place of funeral Thursday eevening and Friday prior to services. Burial will be in Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.

Child #10 -- Nathan Vernon Davis, born 24 April 1898 in Parker, Fremont Co., Idaho;  died 19 July 1969 in Mt. Shasta, Shasta Co., California.  Buried in Price, Carbon Co., Utah;  Nathan married Euphae Chloe Horsley on 24 Dec 1925 in Castle Dale, Emery Co., Utah. 

DEATH: California Death Index. 1940-1997
Verrnon N Davis, Male
Birth Date: 24 Apr 1898 Birthplace: Idaho
Death Date: 21 Jul 1969 Death Place: Siskiyou
Mother's Maiden Name: Vannoy

BURIAL: Utah Cemetery Inventory
Name: Vernon Nathan Davis
Birth Date: 24 Apr 1898
Death Date: 21 Jul 1969
Death Place: Calif., Siskiyou
Cemetery: Price City Cemetery
Source: Sexton / Grant
Grave Location: 1-A-041-07

DEATH & BURIAL: Utah Cemetery Inventory (
Name: Euphae Davis
Birth Date: 7 Mar 1898
Death Date: 4 Sep 1974
Death Place: Nevada, Clark
Cemetery: Price City Cemetery
Source: Sexton / Grant
Grave Location: 1-A-041-08
same information also on Social Security Death Index

Nathan and Euphae had at least one son
Van Barton Davis, born 18 Jan 1927 in Salt Lake City;  died 31 Mar 1995 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada.  Buried in Las Vegas.  Van married Jacquelyne Carruthers <living> on 12 Sep 1951 in the Salt Lake Temple.  They have 6 children:  Andrew Nathan, Brian Van, Paula, Charlotte, Cynthia, Jerilyne
   --Andrew Nathan Davis was born 29 July 1952 in Aberdeen, Harford Co., Maryland.  He died 18 Mar 1996 in Junction City, Kimball Co., Texas.  Brian VanDavis was born 2 Sep 1954 in Price, Carbon, Utah.  He died 18 June 1995 in Las Vegas and was buried there on 21 Jun 1995.  The other children are still living.

Child #11 --Evelyn Van Noy Davis, born 22 May 1900 in Plano, Fremont, Idaho.  She died the next day 23 May 1900.  Do not know where she was buried.

Child #12 --Thomas Van Noy Davis, born 12 Jan 1903 in Plano, Fremont, Idaho.  He died later that month, 27 Jan 1903.  Have no information on burial.

Child #13 --Stillborn son Davis, born 16 May 1905, Union, Union Co., Oregon.  Buried in the Union Victorian Cemetery.
      During a visit to the Union Cemetery 8/23/2005 by Adele Austin photos were taken of the headstones of A.P. and Charlotte V. Davis. The Sexton's records show there is someone buried between them, although, there is no room for a full grave to exist. The cemetery's caretaker of over 9 years, Arlie Gordon, age 74, has surveyed the cemetery "witching" or "dowsing" for graves to find where people are buried but for which there is no record. He found the presence of the body between the Davises. I realized as I stood there that very likely it is the body of their stillborn son which appears to have been the cause of the death of Charlotte Davis! (She died the following day, 17 May 1905 leaving a large family) Mr. Gordon demonstrated the witching process and allowed me to try it. (This is he same process people have used for generations to locate the presence of water).  The double sticks or witching rods as he called them, definitely moved. Someone is definitely there!

Arlie Gordon standing in the spot between Abraham Peter's and Charlotte Davis's graves where another body is buried.  The sticks cross involuntarily when he detects the presence of a body which either is unmarked or for whom the markers have disappeared. 

UPDATE:  I returned to the Union Cemetery in April of 2012.   In the course of my time there I returned to the Davis headstones and was gratified to see that small plaques have been placed throughout the cemetery, marking spots where no headstones stand.  One of those was now there for Abraham Peter and Charlotte's stillborn son. 

Was saddened to see that Arlie Gordon has  passed away.  A drinking fountain was built as a memorial to him close to the cemetery office.  His passing was a great loss to the Union Community.  I am thankful I had my experience with him.